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Let’s All Watch Conan Say Bye Bye To “Late Night”

PhotobucketTonight will mark the last “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”. As I’m sure you know, Conan is moving to Los Angeles to take over hosting duties on “The Tonight Show”. The good news is that NBC has finally saved Earth from the complete no-talent spare Jay Leno. Well, they sort of have. They ended up giving Jay some crazy nightly show blah blah blah…who cares, it will suck. I mean, how many times can people find “Jaywalking” funny?

Forget that, this isn’t about Leno. This is about Conan. Losing Leno is great, but there could be bad news with this move too. There sure as heck won’t be any Masturbating Bear  on “The Tonight Show”. Hell, can Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog get away with his shtick on “The Tonight Show”? Let’s hope the move doesn’t change the genius of Conan.

So tune in or set the DVR tonight. I’m sure it will be a great show, which will feature longtime Conan fave The White Stripes.

Cinematically Correct note: I don’t know if anything made me laugh as hard as the first time I saw the Masturbating Bear.

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