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“I Love You, Man” Has Created A New Film Genre: The Bromance

PhotobucketThe R-rated comedy has been back for a few years now. It’s good to know that movie studios are willing to make these movies that are for adults and definitely have adult content. During this new R-rated adult comedy renaissance, there has been a common factor for many of these movies: Paul Rudd.

Following “Role Models”, this is the second straight starring role for Rudd. Up until now, Rudd has always played supporting roles in movies like “Anchorman”, “Knocked Up”, and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Rudd has been quite funny in all of those and he continues to make laughs as the star.

In “I Love You, Man”, Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a Los Angeles real estate agent. The movie begins with Peter proposing to his girlfriend, Zooey (Rashia Jones). They immediately begin planning their wedding and we quickly find out that Peter is going to have some problems filling out his side of the wedding party because he has no male friends. Eventually, Peter overhears Zooey and her friends talking about that fact and this embarrassment leads to his pursuit of meeting male friends.

Initially, Peter seeks help from his gay brother, Robby (Andy Samberg), his parents (Jane Curtain & JK Simmons), and Zooey’s friend (Jamie Pressley). This leads to some hilariously awkward “man dates”. One of which is a poker party hosted by Barry (Jon Favreau), who is married to one of Zooey’s friends.

While hosting an open house for Lou Ferrigno (yes, that Lou Ferrigno), Peter meets Sydney (Jason Segel). Sydney is there for the free sandwiches and to try and meet divorcees. They strike up a quick friendship and find they have numerous things in common, such as “Lost” and certain prog-rock bands. Yes, Peter and Sydney are in the middle of one of the biggest “bromances” in movie history.

We learn quite quickly that Sydney is a bit of a lothario. He seems to do nothing but lay around his “man cave” all day, reaching out to his male friends to do, well, just about anything. Sydney, while fun and entertaining, is definitely a bit of a loser. His friends are all grown up and married, none of which interests Sydney at all.

“I Love You, Man” isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. A movie like this only works if the bits are fresh and the acting is good. Jon Favreau doesn’t have many scenes but he is quite funny as a serious heavy that hates Rudd’s character. There are also some very funny bits featuring Thomas Lennon (Dangle on “Reno 911”), Joe Lo Truglio, and, the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.

Of course, the movie completely belongs to Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. They are pitch perfect, just like their scenes in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. There are lengthy takes that seem as if they are completely ad-libbed. Segel is definitely coming into his own and has already shown that he can carry a movie, while Rudd continues to be one of the best comedic actors working today.

WonderMost assuredly, this movie will make the list of great comedies of 2009. It hasn’t set the bar too terribly high but there are some big time laughs here without many lulls. Granted, everything gets wrapped up in a nice little bow by the end, which may actually slow the movie down towards the end. The good news is that Segel, no matter how sleazy he behaves, is still amazingly likable. The real revelation here is Rudd. Not only is his comedic timing firing on all cylinders here, he appears in virtually every scene and does a good job as the romantic lead.


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