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John Locke Has Become More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Destiny CallsWhile watching the opening scene from “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”, did everyone realize they were seeing John Locke become the Island version of Obi Wan Kenobi? I mean, he got killed by Ben (Darth Vader) and now, he’s back to life and even more awesomer. It sure was obvious when that camera spun around the great Terry O’Quinn and he took off his hood to reveal himself. Locke’s big reveal was one of the more telegraphed moments in the show’s history but it was still very, very cool nonetheless.

I may be opening the door for some hammering here but…I didn’t think “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” was all that mind blowing. Yes, it was another good episode of “Lost”, but did it really tell us that much about “Lost”‘s biggest mystery man, John Locke? I don’t believe it did. Even when Locke asked Charles Widmore why he was special, Widmore replied “Because you are.” Gee thanks Chuck. For somebody that claims to know so much about the Island, could be you be any more vague?

The episode picks up with Locke turning the frozen wheel and he is transported to the same spot in Tunisia that Ben was when he left the Island. This time, there is a camera watching that location. It was pretty easy to assume it was Charles Widmore doing the watching. The scene with Widmore telling Locke that he remembers him from when he was 17 and on the Island was greatness. Of course, it was three days for Locke but 53 years for Widmore. 100% geeky awesomeness.

We did learn one thing pretty quick last night: Matthew Abbadon works for Widmore. Of course, you could have put that together when Abbadon put together the team on the freighter, but at least now we all know for sure. Abbadon is tasked with getting Locke to the Oceanic Six and talking them into going back to the Island.

The first stop is a lovely country to visit for your Honeymoon (or so I’m told), the Dominican Republic. It turns out that Sayid has been “Lost”‘s Jesus-figure all along, as we learn that he has turned to carpentry. Locke has caught Sayid after he tendered his resignation from The Ben Linus Hit Squad and he is definitely not interested in getting the band back together. I can’t be sure, but I think Sayid changed his mind after eating what the Dominicans call “breakfast sausage”. He got his ass stateside immediately.

After his first failure, Locke decides to visit Walt in New York. He wasn’t going to see Taller Ghost Walt either, this is the real dude and, just like Abbadon said, that kid is big. Locke doesn’t tell Walt that his dad, Michael, is toast and he doesn’t ask him to come to the Island. Me thinks that Locke sees a lot of himself in Walt and he doesn’t want to mess his life up any more than it already is.

The funniest scene from last night yet again involved Hurley. Locke visits Hurley in the looney bin and Hurley assumes Locke is dead. It was very funny to hear Locke try and normally talk to Hurley, all the while Hurley thinks he’s a ghost. Which makes me wonder…did anybody else besides Hurley (seeing Charlie) or Kate (seeing Claire) see anybody from the Island? Sure, Jack saw his father but nothing really happened.

Locke goes to see Kate and, yet again, he is shot down. Kate isn’t interested because she doesn’t think John ever loved anybody. This confuses me because who is Kate referencing? I am assuming she is referring to Aaron…I am just a bit thick headed here?

Since Kate didn’t think Locke ever loved anyone, Locke treks off to find his old special lady friend, Helen. Well, Abbadon finds her and she is six feet under, supposedly dying of a brain aneurysm. After some talk about destiny, Abbadon takes about half a dozen shots to the chest. This pisses me off because that bald headed dude ruled. Locke hops into the driver seat and floors it. We get another “Lost” car crash and Locke is down for the count.

Wouldn’t you know where Locke wakes up? Why it’s Jack Shephard Oxycontin University. Locke wakes up to see a whacked out, bearded Jack. No doubt that Jack is already taking high amounts of prescription pills, which definitely doesn’t help when you are trying to talk to a guy about time traveling wild-ass Islands. In what felt like an instant replay, Jack tells Locke that he’s not going back, he doesn’t believe in destiny, blah blah blah…it’s Jack’s favorite song and I am sick of that tune.

Locke mopes back to his motel room and decides to hang it up…forever. He writes that kickass suicide note and starts to prepare to hang himself. I think about 96% of viewers knew who was behind that knock on the door, so it shouldn’t have been surprising when Ben strolled in the room. The surprising thing was that right after talking Locke out of killing himself, Ben f’ing strangled him.

So what does it all mean? For one, it shows that Terry O’Quinn is still doing an amazing job as Locke. All he did was question his own actions and mope for an hour, which could have gotten annoying. Fortunately, O’Quinn is so good that it never got to that point. I was joking earlier about the Christ-like deal…but can it really be argued that Locke is not our Losties Savior?

It also begs the question, who is the bad guy here? Is Ben? Is Widmore? I am going to go with both of them since, you know, they are both crazy, murdering Island chasers.

In the end, it was a good episode. For the longest time, Locke was my favorite character on the show. That honor has slowly moved over to Desmond (I know, Blasphemy!) but for an episode that felt like it had a ton of build-up, it didn’t live up to it. Of course, I set my expectations so high that Sergei Bubka couldn’t jump over them…so maybe I need to bring those down a peg or two.

  1. jenchic
    February 27, 2009 at 12:09 PM

    the info in the episode wasn’t uber awesome, but the acting sure was!!! John’s eyes were always about to burst. I thought he was going to cry the entire time!! The convo between him & Jack was great too!!
    I just greatly appreciated the acting…Nerd Alert!!!

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