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Is “Flight Of The Conchords” The Best Irritainment Available Today?

PhotobucketWhile I still think “The Office” is the funniest show pound-for-pound on TV, “Flight of the Conchords” is hot on its heels. Due to scheduling conflicts, I had not watched the two previous episodes until last night. Those episodes being “Unnatural Love” and “Love Is A Weapon Of Choice”. The second of these two featured the greatness that is Kristen Wiig, who played an insane owner of a dog with epilepsy. Yes…this show is that odd.

I was quite anxious to see if a second season of the show could possibly match the first and it actually is very, very close. The best thing so far is that the characters surrounding Bret and Jemaine are getting lots of play. For example, Dave has gotten to participate in a few songs and that guy is making the most of it. If you don’t laugh hysterically at Dave’s rap in “Sugalumps”, you are dead inside.

Of course, there will always be the greatness of Murray, who was inducted into the Pop Culture Icon Hall of Fame this year. Is it incredibly stupid when he asks someone that is one foot away to “look away” or “not listen” as he talks to a person next to them? Yes. Is it funny every time out? Absolutely.

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