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My Thoughts While Being “Consulted” At Work

PhotobucketIt’s always strange when you see aspects of your life remind you of a movie. It’s even tougher when it reminds you of “Office Space”. See, for the past few weeks, I have been being Bob’ed. You know…outside consultants. For this reason, my posts have lacked on the site. The saddest thing about all of this is that I’m not even Peter in this recreation…I am Michael Bolton.

That being said, my work has allowed me to listen to some fantastic new albums. So far, I am in love with a band called Vetiver and their album “Tight Knit”. I’m also listening to the latest Morrissey album, “Years Of Refusal”, as I type this and I can tell you that it’s excellent. I never really cared for his singing voice that much but on this album, his voice sounds way better than it ever has.

So…until I can get a minute, there won’t be a “Lost” post. I would do it when I get home from work, but I like to spend that time with Mrs. Cinematically Correct. She hears enough “Lost” talk as it is.

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