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Better Late Than Never: Crazy Statues, Wishing Wells, Electric Fences, Fake Cajun Names…All In A Day’s Work For “Lost”

This “Lost” recap is almost one week overdue. I won’t bitch about my job here because you probably have enough of your own work problems and don’t need to read about mine. Let’s just say that I am thankful to have a job today, even if it keeps me from doing what I really want…which is blab on and on about “Lost”.

“Lost” has one of the largest casts on television. There are certain characters that have larger roles than others, so it makes it difficult to really pick a true star of the show. Sure, Matthew Fox’s Jack Shepherd or Terry O’Quinn’s John Locke are fine picks. After watching the latest episode, “LaFleur”, I picked the real star of this show. The true star of “Lost”…

…will be revealed later in this piece. See how I did that? That’s a tease.

PhotobucketHow does this show still continually mess with us? At this point, they should be wrapping up our hundreds of questions. Instead, they give us about a ten second tease of that badass statue. There is no telling when Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, and Miles where in time at that point. Are we talking B.C. or A.D.? It would have pretty cool if the Losties could have explored the Island right then and there…but Locke turns the wheel and off our cast goes to 1974.

Quick Theory Note: That statue sure looks like Anubis, a mythological Egyptian god. His purpose? To guard the dead and guide them to the afterlife. Purgatory anyone?

Enough of that geek noise, I am one of those lovey-dovey saps that loves “Lost” because of the characters and there were plenty of hugs and kisses to go around last night. “LaFleur” focused mainly on the person named that, who we quickly find out is indeed our very own James “Sawyer” Ford.

Sawyer and his new group of time travelers decide to pick Daniel up and head back to their beach camp. While on their way, they come across a woman being man-handled by a few guys. Since Sawyer can’t resist a damsel in distress, he decides they need to help her out. After he and Juliet shoot and kill the guys attacking her, we find out who she is. Her is named Amy (played by “24”‘s Reikyo Aylesworth) and she is a member of the Dharma Initiative. It turns out she was getting jacked by some hostiles and they killed her husband.

Sawyer concocts a story about them being sailors and they wrecked on the Island. This is when he comes up with the name LaFleur, which is freaking awesome. Amy leads them back to what will become New Otherton, but tricks them up. When they come across the huge electric fence, Amy acts as if she turned it off. Nope, it zaps their brains and knocks them out cold. Luckily, nobodies ears bled like Patchy back in season three.

Sawyer wakes up to learn that there was some sort of truce between Dharma and The Hostiles. Well, once they killed a few natives, the truce is so over. Our boy Richard Alpert strolls out of the jungle, throws down his torch, shows off his Banana Republic collection of clothing, and tells Horace that their ass is grass and he is an eye-shadow wearin’, time travelin’ killa.

Ahem. Sawyer offers his help up to Horace, knowing full well that he can tell Richard some stuff that will blow his mind all over his face. Sawyer talks about the Jughead bomb and Richard meeting Locke. Richard poops himself, then says, “We cool yo, but we gots to have that dead body“. Why do they need the dead body? Who knows. At this point, I am convinced that Richard is The Re-Animator and all the natives are people that were brought back from the dead.

Horace likes what Sawyer did and offers him a chance to stay to look for the rest of their crew. This turns out to be three years. So now, it’s 1977 and Sawyer, Jin, and Miles become part of security for Dharma, Juliet becomes a mechanic, and Daniel is still tripping his ass off somewhere. We also find that Horace is married to Amy, who is very pregnant. Amy eventually goes into labor and is having some difficulty. Since the Dharma doctor is obviously a complete jackass, Sawyer enlists Juliet The Mechanic to help deliver the baby. Juliet succeeds in delivering a baby for the first time since she came to the Island and is overcome with emotion, causing my wife to cry.

If you thought it seemed like Sawyer and Juliet were headed in a relationship direction, it was all confirmed after they declared their love for each other. Initially, I thought that Sawyer was just conning her and biding his time for the return of Kate. Then, he had a heart-to-heart convo with Horace about the nature of love and time. This is why I love “Lost”. Somehow, a show about a time traveling Island filled with craziness can offer up something as human as real as Sawyer’s explanation of love. It was a great piece of acting by Josh Holloway, who rarely gets a chance to show his sentimental side on the show.

Of course, Sawyer’s new life as Dharma Security Chief is blown to bits when Jin rolls up in the Dharma van, carrying Jack, Hurley, and kate in it. Sawyer has moved on and, judging by the look on his face when he saw Kate, is not quite sure how to handle it. The good news is that he probably won’t have to worry too much about it since Kate has gotten used to crawling back to Jack. Ugh…Kate…what happened to the strong willed chick we were used to seeing?

Finally, who do I think is the star of “Lost”? Dude…it’s the Island. It all comes back to the Island. Sure, these characters all have good, if not great, stories circling them, but without the Island, their stories would never be told. All of these characters, Jack, Kate, Locke, Hurley, their stories are all being told in a way that furthers the developments on the Island. I like the Island so much, that I couldn’t wait until the Oceanic Six got back to it and we could leave the real world behind.

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  1. AnnieinMN
    March 9, 2009 at 7:29 PM

    As much as I love sweet loveable Jim LaFleur, part of me misses our favorite bad ass crabby Sawyer.

    Apart from that this episode was great. I think the baby that Juliet delivered must be someone we know. And who did Frank Lapidus run off with? And when will we find out where Bernard and Rose are? And why do I feel like Tall Waaaaaaaalt is going to come back to the island again soon? Hmmm.

    This season is totally rocking my socks off. I can’t wait to see what else they have set up!

  2. jenchic
    March 10, 2009 at 3:01 PM

    AnnieinMN i totally agree with you! We totally know the baby that was born..that’s why we don’t know his name yet.
    My crazy theory is that it’s Jacob! Might be a far stretch, but it could be Jacob. The intern/doctor guy that couldn’t deliver Amy’s baby said that she was supposed to leave the island to have the baby…well, she went into labor early & Juliet (i think she’s the key) had to deliver the baby BOY. Making him officially the first baby concieved & born on the island…i.e. Jacob.
    Just a crazy theory!! who knows where they’ll take us next!!
    I love it!!!

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