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Did You Get Your Obama Bucks Yet?

Way back when on June 2nd, 2008, I posted about how hard I stimulated the economy. I was so good that the economy kept leaving me creepy messages at night and I had to get a restraining order on it.

Today, President Obama’s stimulus package hit my paycheck. My check has an extra $25.40 on it! Dude! I am going to get a whole $50.80 extra every month for 2009? Awesome. Maybe by November, I’ll save it and be able to use it to make a car payment. No wait, I’ll pay my monthly cell phone bill with it. Nah, I already pay that in a timely fashion. Yes, I know…how totally un-2000s of me to pay my bills like a responsible adult.

Hmm…what to do with my extra $50 a month. All I know is that I want to thank President Obama for this, so thank you President Obama! Maybe I’ll give my fifty bucks to a neighbor that won’t make their mortgage payment on time…unless you got that one already? Oh…you do? Cool.

Cinematically Correct note: Please don’t skewer me too bad for this one…just trying to make some funny. I am thankful for the $50. I just don’t see how that is going to help anything.

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