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Reason #84 Why Bob Dylan Is A Funny Dude

PhotobucketThis is the cover for the new (and surprising!) Bob Dylan album. It’s called “Together Through Life” and the early word is that it’s a winner. Sure, all of the early word is from Bob Dylan’s website and Dylan psycho-fans, but that’s okay.

In a marketing effort that is essentially preaching to the choir, Dylan has an interview on his website right now about this new album. I have always found many of Dylan’s lyrics to be quite funny, but this little exchange proves that he is indeed a funny guy. Dylan’s answers are in italics.

Do relatives come up to you at cookouts and ask when you’re going to write a song for them

Oh yeah, one of my uncles’ wives used to pester me all the time, “Bobby, when are you gonna write a song about me … put me on the radio?” It would make me uncomfortable.

How would you get out of it?

I’d say, “I already did Auntie. You’re just not listening to the right stations.”

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