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Ron Silver Passes Away

PhotobucketToday brings the sad news that veteran actor/political activist Ron Silver has passed away. He had been battling esophageal cancer for two years and he died peacefully on Sunday morning.

There are already several very well written and kind tributes online about Silver this morning. My favorites so far are from FOX 411’s Roger Friedman, director Robert Greenwald, and CNN’s Paul Begala. They all seem to mention their political differences with Silver, who did a 180 a few years ago as he went from staunch liberal to a conservative in high support of President Bush. All of these columns mention how kind and polite Silver was as he defended his beliefs, which is rare these days.

In a display of massive sour grapes and sorriness, here is the Jeffrey Wells’ “tribute” to Ron Silver. His column about Silver is the exact opposite of the three I linked above. Wells basically calls Silver a prick for changing his political views, then asks us to “try and remember him in a pre-9/11 light“. Dude…chill out for five minutes and just be kind to another human being okay?

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