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Did You Have Tickets To The Jack Shephard Smackdown Last Night?

PhotobucketDid you know that immediately after this picture was taken, the Dharma folks tried to sell glossy 8x10s in a cheesy touristy cardboard frame to all of them? I guess the economy sucks on The Island in 1977 too.

Last night, we learned that Ajira Airways Flight 316 was equipped with a flux capacitor and sent some of its passengers to 1977. We also learned that some of those passengers (and the plane!) stuck around in 2008. We learned that Sawyer has embraced his leader status. It really was a fast-paced, information filled episode. Actually, it may have been my favorite of the season so far.

If you knew that something was up the first time you heard the signature “Lost” whoooosh sound, raise your hand. They keep throwing these little wrinkles in to keep things pretty fresh and exciting. When we were introduced to the flash forwards, it blew everyone away. Now, we get flash forwards that don’t even leave the awesomeness of The Island. Since I have been harping about how lame I think Non-Island time has been, this is a welcome change. Actually, can anybody see a reason for the show to leave the Island for the remainder of its air time? I sure don’t. I think we are Island-bound for the remainder of the series.

In an attempt to avoid confusion, I am going to tackle the developments from “Namaste” in chronological order. Sawyer explains to Jack, Kate, and Hurley that they are on the Island in 1977. This piece of news seemed to go down pretty easy for Jack, who used to love to throw around his science badge like crazy. Sure, once Jack saw the Dharma Barracks, he would be forced to believe that it was 1977…but it just doesn’t seem like Jack.

That leads me to my first knock about this season of “Lost”. They have completed ripped the heart out of Dr. Jack Shephard. Sure, he’s been under the influence of screwdrivers and Hillbilly Heroin, but come on…there is just no way that Jack has become a complete lamb. Had anything, up until he got back to The Island, actually happened to him that would make him change his not-believing-in-destiny ways? Not that I can think of.

So Sawyer/LaFleur gets Jack, Kate, and Hurley passes to the Dharma Circus and the next thing you know, they are getting shown orientation films and meeting Dr. Candle. While they are drinking punch and mingling with hippies, Jin runs off to The Flame station. See, Radzinsky is there and he has a radar. Jin wants to see if there was a plane on it so he can track Sun down. By now, we should realize that there won’t be a plane to be found…unless that radar can see 30 years into the future.

While at The Flame, Jin and Radzinsky bust Sayid as he is running through the jungle. On a side note…am I crazy or did Sayid look a bit hefty there? In order to protect him, Jin and Sawyer have to treat Sayid like a Hostile. Due to their little truce, they can’t harm him. Sawyer decides to lock Sayid up at the barracks until he can figure out what to do.

So, Sayid is jailed, Jack, Kate, and Hurley are all Dharma’ed up…what’s their next move? Jack wants to know, so he goes to talk to Sawyer. Of course, Sawyer is shacked up with Juliet, which makes for an awesome awkward moment for them all when Jack comes to visit. Then…we witness The Smackdown Of Jack Shephard. It was a great moment for Josh Holloway and he and his character have grown in a big way. All of these characters have changed in some way and Sawyer may have the biggest change. It was an impressive moment and my favorite from last night.

There are moments on “Lost” that you can pretty much telegraph. Once a kid asked if he could take the Hostile a sandwich, I immediately knew it was Ben Linus. It was an interesting meeting and immediately makes one wonder if Sayid will try to actually kill Ben as a child in an effort to prevent future events from happening. We can also assume that when Sayid entered the room that Locke and Jack kept Ben in way back in Season Two that Ben knew exactly who he was and what he was capable of. Ben could even have seen Sayid and thought to himself, “This is the guy that tried to kill me when I was 12.

Whhhooooosh…now let’s go to 2008. There wasn’t as much going on there and it all involved Sun, Frank, and Ben. My first question is where the hell is Locke? We know he’s alive and kicking (well…maybe just kicking) but he was nowhere to be seen last night. After two straight Locke-less shows, we need more Locke.

Frank Lapidus is obviously a better pilot than Han Solo because he landed that big ass plane on a dirt runway. Is it more unbelievable that he landed it successfully (not so much so for the poor co-pilot) or that the Island travels through time? It’s safe to assume that the runway being built in Season Two was built with the knowledge of this event…which is insanity and makes me want to take a nap.

Ben, Sun, and Frank make their way to a canoe so they can leave the tiny island and go to the main Island, where all the action is. Sun gets what info she needs from Ben, then pulls what on “Lost” is called “A Ben Linus” and knocks Ben out. Her and Frank canoe over to the Island, leaving Ben asleep in the sand. At this point, I feel badly for Ben. I really think he is trying to help…maybe…I don’t know. I do know that if anything happens to him, I’ll probably cry.

Sun and Frank decide to head to New Otherton. Of course, three years have passed since Team Keamy came in and blew it up. The buildings are all jacked up and boarded up. Alas, there is one person living there. Quite naturally, it’s Christian Shephard, who has come back to try and get Jack to stop being a crying wuss.

Actually, Christian lets Sun and Frank in on a secret: Everyone is back on the Island but Sun and Frank are thirty years ahead of them. He proves this in a “Shining” like fashion by showing Sun a photo of the 1977 Dharma Security All-Stars, who were coached by Norman Dale. This is very shocking to Sun because she had no idea that Jin had a great jump shot and the ability to time travel.

After Sun checks out the photo, there is clearly someone sitting down behind her. Who the hell is it? Locke? Claire? Shooter about the call for the picket fence? Okay…no more “Hoosiers” references, promise…it is the first day of the NCAA Tournament.

Ahem…whoever it is, one can assume they are there to help Sun and Frank go on, what Christian called, “quite the journey”. This season has been just that…a journey. The time travel angle was tough to swallow initially so here’s hoping they stick with what happened last night for awhile. I’m sure that my poor mother’s head can’t take anymore of it anyway.

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  1. jenchic
    March 19, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    Someone was sitting behind Sun??? What???
    I’m sooo watching it again when I get home from work! I totally didn’t see that!!!

  2. jamie
    March 23, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    for the first time since Lost started i have my own theory as to what could actually happen to them, certainly was a cracking episode. what’s also great is us in the UK are watching it unfold the same time as you lot across the pond meaning there is no internet spills on what’s happened before the show is screened over here. Long live Lost eh…….

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