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Larry From “Newhart” Makes Sayid Talk In “He’s Our You”

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Your $200

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Your $200

Once I got back to work from my sick day yesterday, Tall Ghost Walt appeared and told me “that I have work to do”. He was right. Of course, three of our server’s crashed last night so I can’t get onto my Computer Machine Device to do any real work. Thank God…because I would much rather write about Sayid, Sawyer, Juliet, and Larry from “Newhart”.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes from last night, “He’s Our You” used the old school flashbacks from the first few years of the show. I can’t tell you how much I actually welcomed it. Sure, we could have been shown the events in Sayid’s life as they happened, just like the rest of the Oceanic Six. Instead, there was an air of mystery surrounding Sayid, which is perfect for his character. This has been a great plot run for Sayid and once again, Naveen Andrews portrays him in a way that makes you pity him, even after every wrong turn he makes.

How many of you thought the kid that would not kill a chicken was Sayid? I would say many people assumed it was him. I did…up until the other kid strolled over. At that point, I knew that was Sayid and he was going to kill the chicken for his brother. Then, the barbaric father congratulates Sayid for the kill, saying “at least one of them will be a man”.

Yikes…and Jack thought his dad was brutal? Sure, Christian Shephard was a tough fella, but I don’t think he ever equated animal killing with being a man. All this means is that you can add Sayid to the lengthy list of Losties with hardcore daddy issues. Seriously…Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Ben, Sun, they all have poppa problems. Actually, the only dad that really seemed like a decent human being was the one that was completely ignored by his sonand that would be Jin’s father.

Does anyone believe that Sayid’s last hit for Ben in Moscow really was it? Do you really think Ben was finished with Sayid at that point? Did you like Ben’s sweet black hat? I think that was just another piece of Ben Linus manipulation. When Ben told Sayid that he was finished with his hit list, Sayid actually looked completely, well, lost.

The next time Sayid gets to chat with Ben is in the Dominican Republic. Ben lets Sayid know that Locke was murdered, but lies about not knowing who did it. Is Ben amazing or what? He “kills” Locke, then says the same killers and watching Hurley. All this stuff does is make me question why I like Ben Linus and truly was a nervous wreck during the final scene from last night.

Ben’s manipulation obviously works since Sayid busts Hurley out. As we saw a few weeks ago, Sayid meets the Oceanic Six as they all get ready to leave on Ajira Flight 316. Sayid refuses to go back to the Island and proceeds to get tanked on MacCutcheon scotch. Not surprisingly, Sayid is once again fooled by a hot chick as Ilana tricks Sayid with a few batted eyes and cute one-liners. Sayid is such a sucker for the ladies. They go back to a hotel room, where Ilana kicks Sayid in the face, locks him up, and tells him she is taking him to Guam. See, she was hired by the family of one of Sayid’s hits to bring him in. Ilana is the Boba Fett of “Lost”.

Is there any doubt that Ben hired Ilana? Seriously, there is no way that they “coincidentally” were on that flight. The only other legit explanation is Widmore found out about the flight and he hired her. There are many coincidences you have to swallow on “Lost”…this isn’t one of them for me.

Now that we’ve gotten Sayid’s short backstory done, we can get down to the real business from last night…how about that stuff with Sawyer and Sayid? Even though Sayid has killed people and done terrible deeds, he is definitely a man of principle. He won’t lie or sell out to Dharma, even when Sawyer tells him that they are going to torture him. Prior to Sayid agreeing to, you know, waste people for Ben, had he really made a poor decision? Not so much…and last night made up for it big time.

Then, when all Sayid has to do is lie and say he is one of the “Hostiles”, he sticks to his guns and lets this guy, Oldham, torture him. Well…not quite. When Sawyer told Sayid that “he’s our you”, I assumed this Oldham fella was going to start plucking nose hairs one at a time or cutting off fingers. Instead, he gives him a sugar cube doused in vanilla, which apparently makes you giggle like an idiot. Sayid starts babbling about the Dharma stations and how this was his second trip to the Island. He even rats out LaFleur as Sawyer. Of course, when he brought up time traveling planes and told them he was from the future, well, let’s just say they reacted just like Doc Brown when Marty told him the same thing.

Later that night, the Dharma folks get together and have themselves a good ole vote about hangin’ them an Iraqi. After Amy goes on and on about not being able to sleep with that guy around (he’s in an iron cage sister!), they decide to kill Sayid. Sawyer tries to get Sayid to run away and he refuses, claiming he finally knows why he came back to the Island…which I think we all had put together at that point.

Lucky for Sayid, Little Ben Linus thinks that by setting Sayid loose, it will make Richard Alpert take him in sooner rather than later. Little Ben is not quite as lucky or slick as Old Ben since all he is doing is letting loose a man that wants him dead…at any age. Little Ben helps him escape and he and Sayid run into Jin. Again, this gives Sayid a chance to just run away. Instead, he knocks Jin out, takes his gun, and puts a bullet in Ben’s chest. Even though we all knew it was coming, it was one of the more jarring things I have ever seen on television. I thought that Keamy taking out Alex last season was brutal…but that happened off camera a bit. This was in your face and vicious.

So what happens now? Well, I happen to think that Sayid has unwittingly helped make Ben Linus the monster that he is in present day. I mean, the kid thought he was helping someone and doing a good thing. Then, as a way of saying thank you, he shoots him. Remember, at this point, Ben is just a little kid with a mean, drunk daddy…just like Jack.

Another little idea I just threw up in the air…what if this Amy chick is an Other? It would explain how our boy Ethan lives through Ben’s gas attack. It also would explain why she was so hell bent on them killing Sayid. She knows he isn’t an Other and this freaks her out a bit…so she says kill him.

Lastly, before I finish…how could I not bring up the fact that the genius of Jon Gries made another “Lost” appearance? Sure, he just kicked a kid around and acted like a scumbag, but it’s always good to see the inaugural member of the Cinematically Correct Pop Culture Icon Hall of Fame. It’s funny how he never returned my messages about that…

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