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Is The Lohan War Over? Did The Good Guys Win?

Just Another Teen Star Flameout?

Have You Seen This Movie Star?

There are many bloggers/dorks like me that are fighting the War of The Lohan. We want nothing more than The Lohan to stop making movies. Personally, I don’t want The Lohan to be unhappy or miserable…it’s just that I want her to go away. You know, like all the best teen movie stars have done.

There have been numerous victories prior to this one (the failure of “Georgia Rule” and “I Know Who Killed Me”, posing nude for the New Yorker, getting axed from “Ugly Betty”), but this latest one has to have The Lohan on the ropes. Her latest movie titled “Labor Pains”, in which she fakes a pregnancy (always a laugh riot), is going straight to cable. I don’t mean HBO or Showtime either…I am talking straight to ABC Family. This is a huge blow (no jokes please) to The Lohan’s film career and it really could signify the end. At this point, there is no chance she is offered starring roles in major movies. Hell, could she even land a TV gig? That takes more responsibility than filming a movie.

The real reason this could be a legit end of the road deal for her? MTV is reporting it. If The Lohan loses the attention of the brain-dead, ADD loving MTV viewer, we are talking epic fail here.

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