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Goodbye “E.R.”…Thank God!!

Tonight marks the end of the line for NBC’s “E.R.” This is significant because “E.R.” sucks and should have been out a long, long time ago. Don’t believe me? Go read the “E.R.” Wikipedia page. There is a section called “Departures from the main cast”…the reasons for people leaving are completely insane. So, will “E.R.” go out with a bang or a whimper? Here is my prediction…epic fail.

What is the best final episode of a TV series ever? My vote goes to “The Shield”. It was like getting punched in the junk…but by your television. The worst finale? For me, it’s “The Sopranos”. Well…the episode was great but that ending was just awful.

Cinematically Correct note: Don’t get me started on defending the “Seinfeld” finale either. I freaking love it.

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