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The Kate Austen That “Lost” Fans Grew To Love Is Back!

Kate: The Whiner

Kate: The Whiner

The fifth season of “Lost” has been pretty rough on Kate Austen. She’s gone from the strong, tough, borderline co-leader of the 815ers to a wimpy, crying waste of space. She can’t keep herself from jumping into Jack’s arms and seems to be unable to function without a man around, including her stolen son Aaron. For the most part, she has been…well…annoying.

We have found out why a few of the Oceanic Six decided to go back to The Island. Sayid thinks he returned to kill a young Ben Linus (whoops!), Sun is back to find her husband, Hurley is back to get more Dharma ranch, so that leaves Kate and Jack. Why did they both really decide to go back, when for the longest time, they refused to even consider the idea of a return.

There were so many perfect things happening in “Whatever Happened, Happened”. The Juliet-smackdown of Jack, the Miles-Hurley banter, the continued maturity of Sawyer, and the return of Old Kate. Old Kate runs through the jungle, she actively helps people, she wants to make her wrongs into rights. Even though New Kate had New Kate Smell, she sucked. I couldn’t take one more second of Kate doing nothing, saying nothing, being a complete time waste. Since I got over her being hot a long time ago, I have had no use for New Kate.

The flashback returned for the second week in a row as we saw New Kate turn into Old Kate and we learned why she returned to The Island. Initially, we get confirmation on the worst kept secret ever. Kate was indeed asked by Sawyer to check on his daughter, Clementine. How about the junk that Sawyer’s ex Cassidy was slinging? Do you really think Sawyer jumped off that chopper because he was a coward? Hmm…maybe so.

Tell me that you didn’t pee your pants when you saw that blond leading Aaron away in the supermarket? Come on…a little squirt right? I almost wanted it to be Claire so she could take that kid away to Crazyland, or wherever the hell she is. I realize that it’s a small kid…but could he be any more irritatingly bad at acting? Ugh…every “mommy” or “juice box” he utters makes me cringe.

After Kate almost loses her kid to Claire’s lookalike, she goes to visit Cassidy. Apparently, Cassidy is some sort of seer or sorcerer because she has all the answers. Once Cassidy lets Kate in on the fact that she took Aaron for her, not for Claire, she killed New Kate. Kate picks up some Capri Sun’s and drives to Claire’s mother, who was in Los Angeles because…because…hell, I can’t remember. Who cares? Claire spills the beans about the Oceanic Six and tells her that Aaron is Claire’s kid. Kate lets Claire’s mom have Aaron and tells her why she is going back to The Island: she is going to find Claire and bring her back to her son.

Now that is what “Lost” is all about folks. We haven’t had an old fashioned redemption tale on “Lost” in quite some time. It seems like Kate is hell bent on making this happen too, since she has gone all Old Kate on us. It was great to see and hear her act like Kate Austen again. If she can keep it up, maybe she could match Juliet in awesomeness…maybe.

Now that I’ve hit 88 miles per hour, let’s talk 1977. Dharma is trying to solve the mystery of the flaming bus and, after they find keys in Sayid’s cell door, they deduce that it was an inside job. What are the chances that Horace is going to peg this one on the new Dharma hippie Jack Shephard? I am going with a 99.9% certainty on that one.

There wasn’t much doubt that Jack was going to say no when Sawyer asked him to help Young Ben. It takes a bitter, cold-hearted doctor to not save a child’s life and Jack has reached that point. If Jack was worried about becoming his daddy, he doesn’t need to worry anymore because he is way, way worse off. Then, in a move of unbelievably nerve, Jack throws it in Kate’s face that he already saved Ben once for her. Man…New Jack…you are an unbelievably massive prick.

Since New Kate is history, Old Kate springs into action. She gives blood to help the kid. She tries to comfort Uncle Rico…I mean, Roger Linus. Then, in true Old Kate fashion, she conspires with Juliet (who has taken over as the dominant female on the show for certain) to take Young Ben to The Others, who may be able to save him.

Since this was some heavy stuff, we luckily have Hurley and Miles around to lighten the mood. I’ve understood the time line so far and Miles’ explanation made perfect sense to me. I do realize that people who aren’t massive dorks like me may have been a bit confused by the time travel story. In this case, the confused audience is Hurley and I am Miles. I’m not knocking those confused people with this statement, I can completely understand the casual fan not getting what is happening completely. Watch Hurley and Miles’ conversations a few times and it should sink in because it really couldn’t be explained any better than what Miles said.

Really, the best way to confront someone is when they step out of the shower. Juliet knows this and that is why she ripped New Jack to shreds. New Jack doesn’t seem to care about anything but himself at this point…and he definitely air dries. The only thing good about New Jack is that he finally believes what Old Jack refused: He was on The Island for a reason and that he was never supposed to leave. Of course, it would be helpful if Old Jack and New Jack could come to compromise about this fact…because again, New Jack…massive prick.

It was fun watching Sawyer and Kate at work again. Even though I don’t want Kate infringing on my new-found love of all things Sawyer and Juliet, I do like seeing Skater back together…a bit. The two of them take Young Ben to The Others, which means we get to see the always dashing, Banana Republic-credit card carrying Richard Alpert. Seriously, this guy owns more safari shirts than Steve Irwin.

Once Richard realizes that the shot kid is Ben Linus, he looks decidedly worried. Richard tells Sawyer and Kate that he can help Ben, but that he will never be the same. Richard says that Ben will “always be one of us”. This is when I said I told you so. I knew that the second that Sayid pulled that trigger, he was responsible for creating the evil Ben Linus. Sure, Kate and Sawyer took him to Richard, but Sayid made it all happen. There is so much irony here that I can hardly stand it.

Richard takes Ben to the much-ballyhooed Others’ Temple. Don’t you hate it when you know that you are only going to be teased because the clock only shows about one minute of show left? As soon as the Temple showed up on screen, I knew it was all over and we wouldn’t be seeing anymore of it this week. Whatever happens at The Temple, we can expect Young Ben to emerge a total bad mofo.

Oh, before I finish this week…Hurley needs to stop stealing my bits. I’ve been using “Back To The Future” references for quite some time. If he doesn’t start giving credit where credit is due, I am going to steal some plutonium from the Libyans, pop it into my flux capacitor, and go back to 1977 to straighten him out. I won’t wear a life preserver though…but I may take a skateboard and/or a Chuck Berry 45″, just in case.

  1. jenchic
    April 2, 2009 at 1:03 PM

    I super dug this episode. You’re right…it very much felt like “old Lost” w/ the flashbacks & the characters (with the exception of jack) acting more like themselves. I knew that Sawyer was going to help Kate. when she told Juliet not to tell him b/c he’d be mad…Kate knew he was gonna help her too. She knows that he’ll always have her back. I like their dynamic…as buddies…not as a couple.
    The entire convo between Miles & Hurley was awesome. That’s one of the best things about this show, the writers actually write scenes that are conversations you the viewer have had w/ another fellow Lostie. I love it! Especially when Hurley asked Miles to explain why Adult Ben didn’t remember Sayid shot him as a child when they met in the hatch & Miles had no clue…Genius!!

  2. Rosie
    October 9, 2009 at 1:22 AM

    Kate hasn’t changed much this past season. One, Clemmentine literally had to order her to hand Aaron over to Carole Litttleton, LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE. Neither she or any of the Oceanic Six have told them about the Kate/Aaron/Jack saga. She went back to the island to get Claire back? My ass. She went back because Clemmentine shamed her into returning Aaron to Carole . . . and now she needs an excuse to return or spend the rest of her life on the run. While I admire her for wanting to save Ben’s life – like Juliet and Sawyer – the writers went TOO FAR in showing Kate’s determination to do so. It was ridiculous and contrived. And she was ready to bounce back between Jack and Sawyer, until Sawyer and Juliet put a curtail to this particular activity. I’m certain the old Triangle of Doom will resume in S6, with Kate unable to decide between both men.

    Sigh! Cuse and Lindehof have a lot to answer for killing off Juliet.

  3. Rosie
    October 9, 2009 at 1:25 AM

    Once Richard realizes that the shot kid is Ben Linus, he looks decidedly worried. Richard tells Sawyer and Kate that he can help Ben, but that he will never be the same. Richard says that Ben will “always be one of us”. This is when I said I told you so.

    This is some of the worst piece of writing I have ever come across in a LOST episode. Cuse and Lindehof should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this contrived piece of shit to explain how Ben lost his innocence.

    Christ! And to think that this show was nominated for Best Drama Emmy.

  4. iheb
    October 17, 2009 at 3:23 PM

    i like so matche kate austen and his story withe soayer in the prison

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