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Fox Does The “Right” Thing & S***cans Roger Friedman

Get it? Fox…the “right” thing? Anyway…

Last week, Roger Friedman posted a review of “Wolverine”. This was based on his viewing of the now-famous pirated version that is all over your Internet Computer Machines these days. Apparently Friedman thought that his employer, Fox, would be okay with him admitting to watching pirated material. It turns out that Fox isn’t a big fan of copyright infringement so they fired Friedman…or did they? Today, Friedman is saying he hasn’t been fired, even though Fox released a statement saying he was.

None of this matters because Friedman sucks as a film critic. He makes my silly reviews look like Pulitzer Prize winning material. It also doesn’t matter because 72.5 million bucks worth of Americans went to see “Fast & Furious”…which signifies the end of the movie universe as we know it.

  1. jenchic
    April 6, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    I knew that ridiculous “Fast & Furious” movie was gonna be the weekend winner!! When we were walking out of the theater on Friday night, after seeing the greatness that is “I Love You, Man” there was a HUGE line in the lobby. Not that I’m stereotyping (i totally am) the people that were in that line, but I looked at my friend & I said….”that’s a shame. the dumb ‘fast & furious’ crap is going to gross the most money this weekend”…he asked me how I knew & i said…
    “just look at this line??!! you think these people are here to see ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’?”

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