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After Years Of Domination, Record Labels Finally Win A Battle

F Those New Microsoft Commercials

F Those New Microsoft Commercials

If you are over the age of 30, the music industry you know…is now dead-dead-deadski. The Internet has virtually destroyed the record store and made it possible for a mega-band like Radiohead to essentially give their music away to their fans. No longer are you forced to hunt for indie band albums or listen to your local rock scene. Thanks to the Internet, that local scene is the entire world.

Who is the main culprit for this seismic change? Well, illegal file sharing for one. The other? You best believe that it is Apple and iTunes. Unfortunately, iTunes had been offering their tunes at some really weak encoding (128 kbps), which is definitely not the best sound. Today, iTunes officially started offering their songs at 256 kbps, which is pretty damn good. It’s not vinyl…but what is? Also, iTunes has agreed to let the record labels price their artists songs themselves. Up until now, Apple charged 99 cents for each song. Now, they could be as much as $1.29 each.

Speaking of vinyl, Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I noticed that quite a few bands are still releasing albums on vinyl. Over the past weekend, I saw a copy of the debut album from Fleet Foxes and the sheer thought of hearing that on vinyl made me debate the following…is it time to dive head first into becoming Rob Gordon? What I mean is this: Do I begin to craft a modular stereo complete with a turntable?

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  1. Chickybabe
    April 7, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    Yes. We get the sweet digital turntable and upload that sweet ass vinyl to iTunes. So we can buy more vinyl – whoch for those living under a rock, is the indie music snob band’s new fave – at SXSW 3 years ago, everyone was drooling over the bands relesing on 120, 140, 150g vinyl…

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