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NBC Needs To Axe “Parks & Recreation” & Give “The Office” An Hour Every Week

It’s unfair for me to be critical of NBC’s “Parks And Recreation” today since I didn’t watch the pilot episode last night. It just seems like a carbon copy of “The Office”. Judging from what I have read so far today, it is a big time ripoff, right down to the same type of characters. I know people seem to find her funny but I just don’t see the appeal of Amy Poehler. I didn’t find her funny on “Saturday Night Live” at all and she will never, ever, match the subtle comedic genius of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.

Speaking of Michael Scott…raise your hand if you wish “The Office” was an hour every week? Last night’s two episodes, “Dream Team” and “The Michael Scott Paper Company”, may have been the two best episodes of the season. There is a great character mix right now and it’s being topped off by Dwight and Andy’s new friendship. Watching the two of them duel for attention while singing and playing “Country Roads” was one of the most painfully funny things you could ever sit through.

Oddly enough, my company had an odd transition in its sales manager area. It didn’t actually phase me at all because I am not in the sales department (thank God) but I was able to observe from afar…and mock the stupidity. Initially, the sales manager was a zany, immature-Michael Scott type. The salespeople got away with everything and we had an inmates running the asylum situation. Well, management decided to go a different direction and they brought in an uber-serious, micromanaging-Charles Miner type. He was a brutal beating, everyone hated him, and he alienated upper management. Well…he’s gone now…and the initial zany guy is back in charge. I love Corporate America.

Well, this site isn’t about my workplace. If it was, there would be such vicious bile spewing from me that you would never, ever, visit this blog every again.

“The Office” is all about quotability. Luckily, we can all go to “The Office Quotes” and memorize certain quotes that you can then use in your daily life. We all do that right? Just me? I’m the only one that doesn’t actually have original thought?

Here is my favorite line from last night:

Jim Halpert: I’ve never been a kiss up. I– it’s just not how I operate. I mean I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if you really want to impress your boss, you go in there and you do mediocre work, half-heatedly.

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