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Nookie Girl Elisha Cuthbert To Return To “24”

Wait...Sean Avery said what?

Wait...Sean Avery said what?

How about this season of “24”? It’s been great so far and it’s come back from a really poor season. That last season of “24” left me so disappointed that I wasn’t really excited for this one. Thankfully, it has been great and it’s safe to say that “24” is no longer in critical condition.

However…tonight brings the return of Kim Bauer. Yes, she has eluded seventeen kidnappings, poisonous gas, Kevin Dillon’s crazy mountain man, and…cougars. Many things were left hanging with Jack Bauer and his elusive daughter and it sounds like we’re going to get a solid resolution to it. Here’s hoping Kim’s appearance isn’t weak and actually will make sense. My guess is that the FBI Ginger contacts her behind Jack’s back and tells Kim that her dad is dying…which of course is so not going to happen.

Kim is played by “Girl Next Door” star/nookie girl Elisha Cuthbert. She was the chick that NHL scumbag Sean Avery was referring to with his “sloppy seconds” comment. That Avery…class f’ing act.

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