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The Wheels Came Off Last Night For Season Seven Of “24”

"When will I turn bad? Why, when it's most shockingly convenient!"

"When will I turn bad? Why, when it's most shockingly convenient!"

Let me get this straight…the following has happened to Whisperin’ Tony Almeida on Day Seven of “24”

1. Tony came back from the dead.

2. Tony worked for a terrorist that stole tech secrets.

3. Tony was actually undercover and working with Chloe and the now-dead Bill Buchanan.

4. Tony got to see the White House.

5. Tony helps Jack Bauer and the FBI blow up some missles.

6. Surprise! Tony is bad again and he murders FBI Agent Larry Moss.

Infreakingsane. It’s weak, uninspired, and an attempt at shock value. Yes, when it happened, I was indeed shocked. Now, I feel cheated. Whisperin’ Tony is one of the more beloved “24” characters ever so bringing him back from the dead to be a villain was initially a tough pill to swallow. I went with it and was pleased to see he was leaving the dark side of the Force.

After the events from last night’s “24”, it completely ruined Tony’s return to the show. Not only does it leave a sour taste in my mouth, it defies all logic…even “24” logic. Tony was in The F’ing White House at one point. Why does he all of a sudden want to help the guy from Naughty By Nature escape with one canister of lethal poison gas? There is only one reason that I will buy into this ridiculous turn of events: Cold hard cash. If Tony is going to sell that canister for an insane amount of money, I may buy into his late season treachery. If he is doing it because the government took everything he had…well…I’m done with that reasoning Holmes.

Oddly enough, the saving grace of the entire episode was the scene involving Jack and his daughter, Kim. Just hearing the words “Kim Bauer” usually causes severe dry heaving for me, but I really dug that moment with them. It was forced, cheesy, and hackneyed…but for some reason, I completely bought it.

Cinematically Correct note: The Jack/Kim scene made my wife cry. She cried at “24”. The only thing about “24” that makes me cry is seeing Janeane Garofalo.

  1. Dad,Dad,Daddio
    April 14, 2009 at 2:58 PM

    Look, the set-up was when Jack asked “Madame President” to consider cutting Tony a break because of the work he did against the terrorists. Jack never got a chance to tell Tony consequently Tony saw the chance to secure his future by using the gas canister as leverage to broker a deal for cash to leave the country and never return. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I got a “Tony kills Christopher” vibe when whisperin’ Tony offed Moss.
    I was touched by the Jack/Kim scene, however next week Jack receives a text message from Sean Avery telling Jack what Kim’s been doing during the last year.

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