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Are You Shallow Enough For Five Albums To Have Changed Your Life Too?

Facebook is an evil website. While my wife spends more time on it than I do, I still find ways to waste time on that site. For example, does anybody really care about seeing all the different cities I have visited? I highly doubt it…but it’s there.

I noticed that whatigotsofar posted his Five Life Changing Albums today, which he initially filled out on Facebook. Since I am completely uninspired to write today, I will steal his idea and bang out my Five Life Changers.

5. Pearl Jam, “Ten”

If not for this album, I would be just another schmuck that thinks Nickelback is awesome. Instead, I am still a loyal fan and have bought every single album they have released.

Oddly enough, if not for this album, we probably would not have bands like Nickelback. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

4. Beck, “Mellow Gold”

Every single one of my friends hated this album. Again, this opened the door up to various indie folk artists, which at the time were tough to find since the Internet wasn’t as massive a music library as it is now. I have remained faithful to Beck, even when he has misfired and those same people that hated “Mellow Gold” are fans now. Faced.

3. Ryan Adams, “Heartbreaker”

Those of you that frequent Cinematically Correct know about my obsession with Ryan Adams. He is by far my favorite musician and it sure seems like he always will be. This was his first solo album and it started me on my singer/songwriter obsession.

2. Dinosaur Jr., “Where You Been”

Hardcore punk rock like Black Flag or Fugazi was too scary for me. “Where You Been” is like punk rock that actually had a melody. Again, I’ve been faithfull to J. Mascis ever since. I mean, he made me feel like I was listening to punk rock without being creepy.

1. Whiskeytown, “Strangers Almanac”

This album was the beginning of it all. After four songs or so, I decided that this alt-country sound was for me. This is probably my favorite album of all time and it changed my musical tastes forever.

  1. whatigotsofar
    April 15, 2009 at 3:15 PM

    Didja pick up that 200 dollar Ten boxset? That one changed my life, only because it put me into the poorhouse.

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