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The Lennon/McCartney Of Americana Music

I want their clothes.

I want their clothes.

The cat was let out of the bag awhile back and it’s not so much of a secret that Cinematically Correct is based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Why am I here? Why, it’s the hotbed of the entertainment industry…if the entertainment industry were fake huge boobs and douchebags in tight t-shirts that is.

Every now and then, a very cool show will roll through town. The Americana greatness of Mark Olson and Gary Louris will be in Dallas tonight and Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I will be in attendance. This is only one of ten total tour dates for them and I really can’t express how excited I am to see this show. Sure, it’s just the two of them doing an acoustic show…but as long as they are both able to sing, I don’t really care.

Here are the five tunes that I hope to hear tonight:

“See Him On The Street”, “Bicycle”, “Doves And Stones”, “Nothing Left To Borrow”…and, of course, “Blue”.

Cinematically Correct note: There is a good chance I get weepy if “Blue” is played. I will report back with honesty.

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