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MTV Has Finally Made A Good Decision

There hasn’t been a reason for me (or anyone for that matter) to turn on MTV in the past twenty years. That channel, which used to be greatness, has devolved into mind-sucking nonsense that is rotting the brains of every man, woman, and child that chooses to turn it on. Yes, I sound like an old man…but it’s true. The people who watch MTV on a consistent basis would shriek in horror if you changed the channel to Fox News, CNN, or even the Weather Channel.

That being said, MTV once aired a show called “The State”. That show featured one of my personal heroes, Michael Ian Black. There is big news courtesy of Michael’s blog today. On July 14th, the entire series will be available on DVD. Oh happy day! I can finally watch Louie, Barry and Levon, Sid and Nancy on $20, 000 Pyramid, and the greatness of the Pants sketch.

Here is a promo video from The State’s website.

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