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No Parent Is Safe On “Lost”!

Daniel Faraday: Helping Me Bring Back The Skinny Tie

Daniel Faraday: Helping Me Bring Back The Skinny Tie

Man…do parents take a beating on “Lost” or what? At this point, the only good parent in “Lost” history is Claire. Wait, she left her baby sitting on a leaf in the jungle…scratch that. How about this…let’s assume that Desmond and Penny are good parents okay? That way, “Lost” isn’t giving the ‘rents a constant crotch kick.

Last night, the “Lost” geeks theory came true as we learned that Daniel Faraday is indeed the son of Islanders Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking. One can also assume that Daniel was born on the Island, which could explain his supposed super brain. Well, it doesn’t explain it exactly, but it gives a reason for his weirdness.

That was one of the many things we learned about Daniel in “The Variable”, not to even begin to mention his lack of hair care throughout his entire adult life.

The first thing that we learned about Daniel is that all he really wanted to do was be the next Elton John. Little Dan is plugging away on his piano when Mommy Dearest rolls in and tells him there’s no time for something so trivial. Eloise basically gives the kid the same “you’re special” speech that John Locke has heard about a thousand times now.

Next up down memory lane for Daniel is his Oxford graduation. The first thing you can gather from this scene is that Dan was a big fan of Robert Smith and The Cure. What the hell was up with that insane hair? If the Best Supporting Actor Emmy goes to anyone but Jeremy Davies’ hair, it’s an upset of Rourke-ian proportions.

We got to meet Theresa, who we had previously seen in a vegitative state when Desmond was on his Daniel Faraday Treasure Hunt back in the third episode of this season, “Jughead”. Eloise takes Dan out for some Indian food and he tells her that Charles Widmore has given him a research grant. They argue a bit about Dan wanting to meet chicks or something and Eloise tells him there is no time for that stuff, he needs to work, work, work. She gives him his trusty journal as a present, which one can assume was already filled out by Future Dan.

What was that? “Future Dan”? That’s right. Dan from the future. I am guessing that Eloise took Dan’s journal back in 1977 after…well…you know, the thing that happened last in “The Variable”. Then young, Island Eloise hung onto it and gave it to him, thus making sure Dan’s destiny stayed on track.

Okay, enough sidetracks, let’s get to Dan weeping at news reports okay? Everyone assumed that when we first met Dan way back in season four’s “Confirmed Dead”, that the woman he was with, that we never met would turn out to be someone shocking right? Nope. It was just some chick. Oh well. Not everything has to be connected right?

However, we do find out what happened right after Dan saw the news about Flight 815 being recovered. Dan got a visit from his poppa, Chuck Widmore. Chuck tells Dan that the plane is a fake, then offers him a spot on the freighter to find the Island. We also learn that Dan is going a bit crazy because he used his time machine on himself and it turns out that it is better at unsticking mice in time than people. Chuck tells him that if he gets on the freighter and gets to the Island, it will cure him.

Dan gets one last visit from his mom and she tells him that he has to go on the freighter. Then, those bastard “Lost” writers have to go and do it again…why do we have to continually do the whole parent-child “will it make you proud of me?” moment? You would think I could keep it together since I’m, you know, a 32-year old man. Alas, no, I cannot…I cried.

Fast backward to 1977. Dan gets off the sub and my main man Miles tells he came back because he learned of the Oceanic Six’s arrival in 1977. This blows Dan’s mind all over his face and he feels compelled to try and fix the situation. So, Miles and Dan go see Jack and we are treated to the best scene of season five to date. If you didn’t completely love the conversation in Sawyer’s house with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Juliet, Dan, and Miles…stop reading this. I mean it. Quit.If you didn’t like that scene, you my friend, don’t care for “Lost”. It was freaking tremendous.

Oh just kidding. Keep reading.

Dan goes to the Orchid and we are treated to the very first scene of season five all over again. This time, Dan talks to Dr. Chang. He tells him about the Incident and that he is from the future. Dr. Chang then exclaims “Ronald Reagan…the actor?” and says that he supposes Jane Wyman is the First Lady.

No, it’s much better than that. Dan already sounded like a total nutjob, but when he told Dr. Chang that his son, Miles, was actually standing beside him but also from the future, well, it wouldn’t have been surprising if Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” blared. We all know Dan is telling the truth…but come on. The guy is all twitchy with jacked up crackhead hair; would you believe anything he says?

Dan convinces Jack and Kate to help him find his mother, who he knows is an Other. We don’t know how he knows, but Dan is definitely convinced that his sweet old mom was wrong in convincing the Oceanic Six to go back to the Island. So Dan, Jack, and Kate head to the motor pool for some guns…hold up…why did they need guns again? I don’t get it. If you are just trying to go talk to somebody, why do you need to gun up? I realize they call them the Hostiles and all…but our boy Richard Alpert seems like a reasonable immortal fella.

Sawyer was not very into allowing Jack, Kate, and Dan split for Othersville and he wanted all of them to pack up and head to their old beach, since the jig was undoubtably about up for our Losties and the Dharma Initiative. Instead of backing him up, Juliet told Kate and Jack the code to the sonic fence that protects Dharma from the Hostiles. Of course, this happened after Juliet gave Sawyer a dirty look once he decided to call Kate “Freckles”. Dude…your lady was right there. You can’t throw out pet names for chicks you used to sort of date. 

The thing is…I like Sawyer and Juliet together. Let me rephrase that: I love them together. I don’t need whiny Kate and Dr. Boring Shephard to come in and muck this all up. Of course, once Sawyer and Juliet were busted with a tied up Phil in their closet. Now, I’m not only worried about my favorite “Lost” couple ever staying together, I’m worried about them making it to season six alive

More crying, part two: How about that Dan and young Charlotte conversation? Painful. It turns out that Charlotte was right when she told Dan that he was the person that told her to leave the Island. If anything, ABC needs to submit that scene on behalf of Jeremy Davies for Emmy consideration because it was 100% gold

After stealing a jeep and a small, very boring firefight with Radzinsky and some Dharma schmucks, Jack, Kate, and Dan head to the jungle. Things got very ominous when Dan reminded Jack that they were in their present time, which means anything could happen to them…and they could indeed be killed. I turned to my wife and said, “Dan’s gonna get killed.” Right then, I knew it.

On their way to find Eloise, Dan finally explains his master plan to Jack. We learn that the Incident is an explosion of energy at the Swan Station and it causes Dharma to build the computer…with the button. Dan figures that if he can stop the Incident, he can keep the computer from being built, which keeps Desmond from pushing the button, thus keeping Flight 815 to crash. Kapeesh? To stop the Incident, well…Dan needs the hydrogen bomb that the Others have, hence his need to find Eloise.

Once they find the Others camp, Dan strolls down with his pistol drawn. Again…why? Who knows. Dan talks to Richard for a bit, but I don’t know if Richard remembers Dan or not. After all, they did briefly meet in the 1950s or something like that. It was right before Locke left. Well…Dan draws down on Richard and Eloise shoots Dan from behind. In effect, old Eloise sent her son back to the Island knowing full well that she kills him. Why send him back? Is Dan being sacrificed in order to help Jack and everyone get back to 1977? Who knows and who cares, it was a tragically sad moment for a show that is completely loaded with them. Dan’s last words were to his mother and murderer that he was her son. Wild right?

Phew. I didn’t even get to the fact that we learned that Desmond is going to be fine after being shot by Ben! There wasn’t much happening there, other than the fact that my wife can’t handle Desmond and Penny. All they have to do is appear on screen and she cries. 

Well, it was a good run for Jeremy Davies as Dan Faraday on “Lost”. I dug his character and it’s a bummer to see him go. Normally, when a character is killed off, it seems to make sense. You know, like there wasn’t much else for that character to do. I didn’t feel this way with Daniel. This scares me because now, I am afraid that a really big character is set to go away. 

If it’s Sawyer, Juliet, Jack, Hurley, Locke, Ben, Sayid, Kate, or Miles…I’ll be crushed.

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