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Ten Summer Movies That Are So Anticipated That I Am Anticipating Going To See These Movies

The release of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” has officially kicked off the summer movie season. There will be a huge release just about every weekend for the next three or four months and these movies are depending on your hard earned dollar for big opening weekends. Since the movie about the furry animal with metal claws has already made $80 million, it’s a sign that the movie industry is definitely alive and well during these tough M1H1 times.

Here are the Ten Summer Movies That I Can’t Wait To See Because They Look Good So I Will See Them This Summer:

10. “The Taking of Pelham 123“. Two reasons: Denzel Washington and Tony Scott. It seems like Denzel loves making movies for the Scott Brothers (“American Gangster”, “Man On Fire”, “Deja Vu”, “Crimson Tide”) and they all seem to turn out pretty decent…at least they are never as bad as “Virtuosity”.

9. “Year One“. Michael Cera, Jack Black, Paul Rudd and David Cross as Cain and Abel, all directed in a biblical comedy by Harold Ramis? What’s not to like? Well, that PG-13 rating for one.

8. “Inglourious Basterds“. Wow…when did a Quentin Tarantino flick not automatically be first on a list like this? Oh, that’s right…right after it became apparent he is just in self-satisfaction mode with every movie he has made since “Jackie Brown”. Here’s hoping this movie isn’t just a bloody splatterfest that just happens to be set in World War II…but, I’m sure that is exactly what it is. Grow up Quentin!! You hit the bulls eye with “Jackie Brown”…you could probably pull it off again.

7. “Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince“. Yes…I like the Harry Potter movies. If you’ve read the books, you know that this movie will end very, very badly. Voldemort cuts off Harry’s hand, Ron is frozen in carbonite, Hermione ditches the now-frozen-Ron for Snape…it’s really odd.

6. “Terminator Salvation“. More sequels! Yay! This one looks and sounds like a winner, despite the PG-13 rating and the direction of spare McG, who apparently thinks he has a larger wanger than Michael Bay. The effects look amazing and Christian Bale hasn’t let us down as of yet.

5. “The Hangover“. Sure, this movie looks completely idiotic…but that is the beauty of it. It’s another immature man-child movie from the mind of Todd Phillips, who excels at it. It’s a well known formula: Three guys (one crazy, one immature, one dorky) + an insane situation in a strange place + non-stop hi jinx = hilarity.

4. “Star Trek“. I’m a casual fan of “Star Trek” that believe “The Wrath of Khan” is the pinnacle of the entire franchise. I don’t care for Jean Luc Picard and the one with the whales is more of a comedy than a sci-fi movie. However…J.J. Abrams is damn talented and he did great with “Mission: Impossible 3” and this movie looks wild.

3. “Public Enemies“. Michael Mann. Johnny Depp. Christian Bale. Guaranteed badassery to follow.

2. “(500) Days Of Summer“. Here’s a secret…I’m a sucker for sweet romance. I like quirky people falling in love under quirky circumstances (see “Eternal Sunshine”). Not only do I have a massive crush on Zooey Deschanel, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the real deal and a serious star in the making. This movie looks freaking adorable and if I could buy a ticket today, I would.

1. “Funny People“. Where Judd Apatow goes, I follow.

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