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Not Even Will Ferrell Can Save “Saturday Night Live” From Complete Mediocrity

NBC has a problem. No, it’s not their main problem…which is believing that “30 Rock” is a funny show. This problem is that their last truly legendary program, “Saturday Night Live”, is dying a slow death. Last week, it took the unmeasurable talents of Justin Timberlake to save the entire season from complete and total disaster. J.T.’s hosting was a blessing for “SNL” and was easily the best show of the season. Up until J.T., the highlight of the season for me was the musical performance of the Fleet Foxes.

The season finale of the show was hosted by alum Will Ferrell, who was there to whore out his guaranteed to suck “Land of the Lost” flick. When Ferrell shows up, there is always the chance he’ll break out some of his more popular recurring characters. He and Darrell Hammond (who may be leaving the show) opened up the show as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. This bit was very not funny and seemed completely stale. You’re telling me that after eight years of doing this bit and W. being out of office for five months, this is all you can come up with? Also, the closing sketch of Will Ferrell leading an all-star choir in an idiotic song about Vietnam can only be described one way: epic fail.

There were two funny bits. The return of Celebrity Jeopardy and Ferrell’s Harry Carey bit from Weekend Update were home runs. If you can’t get behind Tom Hanks taking massive shots at himself, well, then you don’t know funny homie.

Vodpod videos no longer available.Vodpod videos no longer available.

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