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The “Lost” Off Season Begins With Part I: The 1977 815ers

Destiny called...and it went to voicemail.

Destiny called...and it went to voicemail.

Last week, I didn’t have a “Lost” recap of the season finale because I felt too much was going on to just simply go over what happened. There is so much information that was provided that one little tiny post wasn’t going to cut it for me. From Jacob’s history, to the Dharma Initiative, to the Others…it’s just a mountain of information to think about.

This is the first of a planned six week series of “Lost” Talk. The topics will range from the 815ers in 2007, Jacob’s history and my ideas of who he really is, to today’s subject: The 1977 815ers.

Since ABC decided to show Sawyer not on the sub in previews for the finale, we all knew that he would get off the submarine somehow. It was safe to assume that Juliet and Kate would tag along as well. We learn that Kate found her way onto the sub so she could get Sawyer to help stop Jack from nuking the Island. As soon as Juliet told Sawyer that they needed to help, I knew there was going to be trouble. Yeah, they could have ignored Kate, went back to the real world and lived their lives together, which Sawyer was ready to do. Even though it would have essentially written them right off the show, I wanted Sawyer and Juliet to leave. I like the idea of them together so much that I would have been okay with them riding off into the sunset together.

While Sawyer commandeers the sub, Jack and Sayid are taking apart a nuke in an Other Tunnel, which happens to be under Dharmaville. There, we get confirmation that, per Richard Alpert, she is the Others’ Leader and that she is indeed pregnant. One can assume that the child is Daniel Faraday, whom she of course murdered merely hours prior. Think about how insane that is. In one day on “Lost”, a man from the future was killed by his mother while she was pregnant with him. This show is so well written and crafted that not only do we buy into that insane chain of events, we are captivated by it.

Jack and Sayid are shown into a basement in Dharmaville. There are alarms going off due to Dr. Chang’s evacuation order and the fellas try to just blend in with the chaos. There were a few Dharma ball caps that could have hid them better, but they left those behind. After all, the “Lost” producers can’t hide those beautiful faces for the ladies!

In the havoc, Ben’s dad, Uncle Rico Roger Linus, recognizes Sayid as the guy that shot his kid and he pulls out a gun and shoots Sayid in the stomach. Jack does his best John McClane and starts blasting away at Dharma goons, while dragging Sayid. Lucky for Jack and Sayid, Hurley, Jin, and Miles were just chilling out in the jungle in a van and they swoop in for the rescue. They all hop in the van and are off to The Swan to blow everyone up.

In an episode filled with uncomfortable moments, the Jack/Sawyer Fight was pretty damn hard to watch. It’s been a long time coming for these two and the fight definitely had all the brutality that one would expect from all that pent up aggression. Isn’t it amazing how these characters have changed over time? Sure, Sawyer deserved most of the ill will towards him, but now, Sawyer is the voice of reason. He has every right to be pissed that Jack and the Gang came back to blow up the Island, thus ruining the best life he had ever carved out for himself. Never mind the irony that said life was built out of one huge lie, Sawyer had turned over a new leaf and become a respected person of merit, albeit in a tiny society. Oh yeah, he scored the hot, juggy Juliet in the process too so when he laid Jack out, it’s totally understandable.

Also, it’s interesting that Sawyer brought up his parent’s suicide and how he could have gotten on the sub and tried to stop it from happening. Instead, Sawyer tells Jack “what’s done is done”. This is a very unique way of looking at life and accepting your mistakes and dealing with what has happened to you. This is how we all know that Sawyer did love Juliet and he had accepted his previous transgressions. If he had the deep seeded regret of losing Kate like Jack does, Sawyer would be on board with the nuke idea. Instead, he realizes that every event in his life had led him to that moment and that time, which was being spent with Juliet. He didn’t want that to change.

Ahem…since that’s pretty deep for this blog, let’s get back to the story. Juliet breaks up Jack and Sawyer’s fight, then tells Sawyer she is also on board with Team Jack. This is quite the change and it definitely gets Sawyer confused. Juliet basically tells him that she changed her mind because she thinks he is still in love with Kate. I have some small problems with her feelings. Look…if I knew that Sawyer’s behavior was all based on staying with Juliet, how the hell didn’t she? The only explanation is Juliet’s flashback, which showed her parent’s getting divorced and the whole “just because you love someone doesn’t mean you should be together” deal.

So now, Jack has the still bleeding all over the place Sayid and Juliet on his team. I’m not quite so sure that Miles is down after he points out my idea from a few weeks ago. Miles asks the gang if they had considered the idea that when Jack sets off the bomb, that is the Incident. Miles then suggests that they all do nothing. Since I’m a fan of doing nothing all day long, I agree with Miles

So what made Kate change her mind about Jack? I’ve thought about it and I really have no idea. I would really think hard and investigate this, but I can’t stand Kate anymore so who cares. Oh…all right. Is there any chance that Kate just gave in because she realizes that Jack won’t be stopped? Maybe. I think that their final conversation and just how sure Jack was that blowing up the Swan will prevent the crash caused Kate to pull a Kerry and reverse her stance on the nuke.

Once Jack gets down to the Swan, Phil shows up with some Dharma goons and he and Radzinsky start yelling at everyone about nonsense…man, I couldn’t wait for Phil to go down. You know it was coming right? You hated that guy too and you wanted to see him get what he deserved. 

All hell breaks loose. There are gunshots, Dharma vans, Radzinsky’s bald spot…it was insane. Meanwhile, the big ass Dharma drill hits the infamous energy pocket that Dr. Chang warned us all about. We then are treated to everything metal getting sucked down the big hole from the drill and it makes the same sound that the hatch made when it blew up.

The 815ers get the upper hand and Jack finally drops the bomb in the well…but the bomb doesn’t go off. At this point, if it’s metal, it’s getting sucked into the hole. The drill crashes down onto Dr. Chang’s arm, which explains why he doesn’t have an arm in the Dharma videos. Miles gets a very cool heroic moment by exclaiming “Dad!” and then helping his Dad. I gotta tell you…I like that Miles. I liked all of the Freighter Four and I hope Miles sticks around for next year. 

We all know what happens next…the chain wraps around Juliet and pulls her into the hole. If there is a moment in “Lost”‘s history that can compare to Charlie’s death, this is it. It was one of the saddest and most tragic events in the show’s history and a shining example of how great Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway are as Juliet and Sawyer. Who would have thought that I would have tears flowing like that over the blond Other that annoyed me initially? 

Once Juliet fell, I assumed it was over. Nope. These “Lost” writers had to really get the tears flowing. The final scene of “The Incident”, for me, puts it past Charlie’s special moment of heroism. I actually felt pain watching Juliet try to detonate that bomb. Every clink of the rock on it was painful and her words and tears made it fairly unbearable. 

The screen went white. “Lost” appeared in black…the exact opposite of every other episode. What does it mean? Could it be the same two sides conversation that Locke had with Walt in season one? Is it all because of Jacob and his new nemesis? Was it simply the bomb exploding?

So, what happens to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Jin, and Miles? I don’t think that they changed anything. If they did change anything, it is probably for the worse instead of better. Think about it, the fact that they all came back to the Island appears to be the idea of the bad guy. Sure, the real Locke talked to them all off the Island, but what set that chain of events off? 

Locke was shot and Richard Alpert helped him. He then told him that he had to bring everyone back to the Island. At the time, Locke assumed it was Richard’s idea. It turns out, it was Locke’s own idea and he told Richard to tell him what he did. Follow me so far? 

Since we all know that Locke sure ain’t Locke anymore and he has become Jacob’s #1 Enemy, that means that the bad guys brought Jack and crew back to the Island. Well, they didn’t bring them back, but it was Jacob’s Nemesis’ plan. For some reason, he wanted them back and it was probably for no good. To sum up: Jacob’s Nemesis, as Fake Locke, told Richard to tell Locke that he had to leave the Island, bring everyone back, and die in the process

It’s safe to assume that Jack and everyone are going to have some problems, as they always do. Their real problem isn’t going to be that nuke or Dharma or whatever. Their most pressing problem will be finding out why Jacob’s Nemesis went to all that trouble to get them back to the Island.

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