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“Lost” Keeps On Keepin’ On…Today, The 2007 815ers

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It’s been two weeks since “The Incident” and I still find myself reading about “Lost”. Be honest…is that pathetic or am I just being a fan? Maybe a bit of both?

Last week, I went on and on about the 1977 815ers. As promised, albeit a day late, here are my thoughts on the 2007 815ers. Obviously, this will mostly focus on the events surrounding John Locke, Ben Linus, and the events leading up to their visit with Jacob.

The episode started out with Locke, Ben, and Richard leading The Others to see Jacob at his home, which is in the remains of the four-toed statue. Before I really get started, it is now confirmed that the statue was Egyptian god Taweret. I’ll get into this type of thing once we get to Jacob and the Island’s history, but Tawaret was the Egyptian goddess of motherhood. So think about that one for awhile…

By now, we all know that the John Locke we all know and loved, is truly dead. He sadly died at the hands of Ben Linus, when he strangled him in a seedy hotel room with an extension cord. By the way, that is never a good way to go. The only real debate is over who Locke has become.

From the second that Flocke (which is what the online geek community is calling him now) showed up on the Island, he has been calling the shots for almost every single thing that has happened. How is that so? Well, we simply have to examine his actions from “The Incident”.

The first thing that Flocke did was ensure that he had found his loophole. Apparently, due to some strange rule or law that we aren’t aware of just yet, Jacob’s Nemesis can’t kill Jacob himself. So, he waited. Patiently. For a long ass time. When did he make his move? When the Island began skipping through time, Jacob’s Nemesis realized that he could manipulate the future. So, when he realized that he had the perfect pawns in John Locke and Ben Linus, he pounced on the situation.

As Flocke led Ben, Richard, and the Others to see Jacob, he took the opportunity to convince Ben into murdering Jacob. How would he do that? Flocke knows that Ben had been faking about talking to Jacob. Flocke knows that Ben would do anything for the Island and that now that the Island and Jacob have turned their backs on him, Ben is bitter. He’s so bitter, he strangled Locke. So Flocke takes the opportunity to turn Ben completely against Jacob. He tells Ben that he allowed his daughter to be killed. Ben did all of these terrible things for Jacob and all he got in return was banishment. Yes, Flocke used Ben Tactics on Ben…and it totally worked.

Next up for Flocke is convincing the very skeptical Richard Alpert. See, Richard had seen John Locke before and this new Locke is a bit baffling to him. Alpert doesn’t exactly buy into the Island reincarnating Locke, so Flocke again whips out an Old Scholl Ben Tactic by saying that “he had never seen a man that has never aged”. Touche Flocke. Then, in a very chilling moment, Flocke tells Richard that they are going to have to take care of the Ajira passengers. The only thing missing was Flocke pointing a gun finger to his head to explain exactly what he meant.

Speaking of the Ajria passengers, they have an intriguing story to tell as well. The last we saw of them, they were asking Frank Lapidus “what lies in the shadow of the statue” and knocking his non-goatee’d ass out. We learned through a flashback that Ilana, Sayid’s capturer, is obviously working for Jacob. She and the other people from Ajira are carrying a huge metal box and they decide to show Frank what is inside since he could be a “candidate”. For what, we don’t know, but the box contents definitely jack Frank up.

From there, Ilana takes them to what we believe to be Jacob’s cabin. We finally get some confirmation that the big ring of ash around Jacob’s cabin was doing something. It can really be one of two things: It was either keeping somebody in or keeping somebody out. My guess is that it was keeping Jacob’s Nemesis (Smokie) from getting to Jacob. Once the ring was broken, Jacob had to blow that joint. Besides…that cabin scene was dead anyway. After Ilana gets a cloth that has the statue on it, they torch the place and split that scene, presumably on their way to the statue.

Flocke and The Others get to the statue and Flocke forces Richard to take him to Jacob. Richard hesitates when Flocke insists on Ben going along with him, saying “only our leader can request an audience with Jacob”. Why is that important? I’m sure you know why, but we’ll get to it in a moment. Richard reluctantly agrees and Flocke and Ben go into Jacob’s residence. Once inside, Flocke gives Ben the knife that will eventually kill Jacob.

At this point, we’re all fairly confident that Flocke is Locke. I would find it hard to believe that anyone knew that Locke was really dead until Ilana and Frank showed up. We finally got an answer to “What lies in the shadow of the statue”, which was nice. Ilana asked for Ricardus…who of course is Richard. He answered her “Ille qui nos omnes servabit”, which means “He who will save us all” in Latin. It’s safe to say that Ilana is on Team Jacob and that Jacob is definitely some sort of God-like person.

There wasn’t much doubt that Locke was Locke…until Ilana opened the metal case that contained the real Locke’s body. It’s safe to say that the entire “Lost” audience collectively said “If that’s Locke…who is inside with Ben?” When Richard saw Locke’s body and turned toward the statue, I’m sure he was saying the exact same thing to himself.

This is when I became extremely frightened…for Ben Linus. It’s hard to believe but he has slowly become my favorite “Lost” character. Once we knew that Locke wasn’t Locke, in that short span of time, I had convinced myself this was an elaborate trick designed to get Ben killed. This would have upset me greatly. Instead, we were treated to one of the greatest moments in what has to be considered one of the greatest television series ever.

After about three words between Flocke and Jacob, we all realized that Locke wasn’t Locke anymore…but he was Jacob’s Nemesis and he found his loophole. That loophole was Ben Linus. Jacob tells Ben that he still can choose to leave and not do what he came there to do. Then, Michael Emerson does what could be his finest job as Ben Linus as he confronts Jacob about all he has done for him and the Island. He wants to know why he was passed over, why he isn’t the leader, why is Locke so damn special? “What about me?”, says Ben, as my heart actually broke for him. “What about you?”, replies Jacob. Then…Ben stabs him. Then, in perhaps the creepiest moment of “Lost” involving the great Terry O’Quinn, Flocke leans down to Jacob as he gasps for air and almost tauntingly asks him, “What?” Jacob tells Flocke that “They’re coming”. With that, Flocke kicks Jacob into the fire and we watch the who-we-thought-invincible Jacob burn to death.

How did all this happen? I truly believe that this entire elaborate ruse started way back in season one when Locke first encountered the smoke monster. Since I am running with the idea that Smokie is Jacob’s Nemesis, he checked Locke out and realized that this is a person I can manipulate. I can make him feel special. From that point forward, he did all he could to make sure Locke bought into believing the Island had a destiny for him. The Island did, but it was unfortunately for the wrong side.

I also believe that the man that said “help me” to Locke in the cabin was not Jacob. That was simply Jacob’s Nemesis pulling a double whammy. Not only could he make Locke believe that there was some entity pulling the strings for them, he could make Ben believe that Jacob decided to speak to Locke instead of him. Every time Christian Shephard showed up, that was Jacob’s Nemesis. Every time that Locke had some sort of vision while dreaming, it was Jacob’s Nemesis. When Smokie killed someone, it was Jacob’s Nemesis judging the human race. He, just like Satan, doesn’t force you to do anything wrong…but he definitely does all he can to set you up for failure.

Meanwhile, Jacob plays the God character. He observes, only speaking to people when he absolutely needs to do so. He never comes out and tells you what the right choice is. Instead, he offers up insight with the hope that you will indeed do the right thing.

I feel that everyone is simply caught up in a strange game being played by Jacob and his enemy. Jacob, who obviously believes in free will and the human ability to do what is right, wants people to do good things, while his enemy manipulates the situation so that humans do things they shouldn’t.

The last thing to wonder about is who exactly is coming? I think that Jacob is referring to Jack, Sayid, and Hurley. Why just them? They are the only people that Jacob visited after the crash. Jacob needed to get them back to the Island because he knew that if something happened to him, he needed those people on the Island to help him fight off whomever threatened the Island. Now, who those “bad guys” may be, I don’t really know.

So that’s really all I have for Locke and Ben and the other 2007 815ers. Sure, I didn’t mention Sun at all, but she was fairly inconsequential in “The Incident”. There isn’t much doubt that everyone will soon be reunited and they will take up the fight against Jacob’s long-time enemies…whomever the hell they really are.

  1. jenchic
    May 29, 2009 at 2:43 PM

    Good job!!
    I want to write more, but my brain is still trying to compute everything.
    Good post though….darn good!!

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