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Pixar Wins The Box Office Again & “Star Trek” Crosses $200 Million

The effort to see a movie this past weekend hit a snag due to some personal strife on Friday. So Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I did not visit a local theater.

It looks like plenty of people did over the weekend as the top three flicks made a bit over $110 million combined. It’s no big surprise that Pixar’s “Up” finished up first overall with $68.2 million. Unfortunately, “Night At The Museum 2” has now made over $100 million, which probably means we’ll all be “treated” to another installment of that idiotic franchise. Ben Stiller is still in a “Tropic Thuder” Grace Period for me, but anymore of these “Museum” movies and it’s all over.

“Terminator Salvation” has kind of failed. Sure, it will cross the $100 million mark…but when your budget is $200 million, you have failed. What caused the failure? Bad reviews? Christian Bale’s blowup? Have moviegoers realized what move snobs have known for years…that being director McG is cinematic poison?

There is a guarantee that I will be seeing a handful of movies this week. There are two screenings I’ll be attending this week for “Away We Go” and “The Hangover”. Then, I’m sure my Will Ferrell Worship will continue as I’ll fork over my hard earned cash to see the awful looking “Land of the Lost”. It sickens me that I will see that movie.

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