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Is There A Robot Owl In This One?

When I was a youngster, there is no doubt that I thought “Clash of the Titans” was one of the greatest movies ever made. Sure, the effects are completely dated and Harry Hamlin is God awful terrible in it…but that Medusa scene will rock for movie eternity. How totally badass is it when Hamlin rolls out of that cave and holds up Medusa’s head?

The production started a bit ago for the Louis Leterrier-directed remake of “Clash of the Titans”, starring Sam Worthington as Perseus. Normally, I think remakes are a terrible idea but I am up for this one, especially with Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades.

/Film has the first official still from the flick…which is seen here.

"My motivation? Harry F'ing Hamlin."

"My motivation? Harry F'ing Hamlin."

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