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“Lost” Talk Continues With Jacob & The 815ers

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If you are as big of a “Lost” fan as I am, then you aren’t getting tired of reading about the show…even though the season ended a few weeks ago. It just doesn’t get old for us and there is still plenty to discuss and debate. This is one of the reasons “Lost” is much better than standard TV fare like “CSI”, “CSI: New York”, “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: Mayberry“…any of those shows.

Today, we’ll have some ideas regarding Jacob and the brief off-Island encounters he had with each of the 815ers. What was he doing each time he visited them? Why did he do this? Did he go back in time to do it or did he visit them with knowledge of what was to come? Of course, I have all the answers…well, not really…but I have some ideas.

There were two 815ers that Jacob met when they were small children. Of course, those two are Kate and Sawyer. Coincidence that it is those two? I don’t believe so. I think that it Jacob’s encounters with those two is foreshadowing that the Skater fans are going to one day be in luck as these two characters will inevitably end up together. What’s that? What about Jack? Well, I have an idea about that as well…let’s get through the meetings though.

We first see Kate as a small kid, presumably in the late 1980s. She is accompanied by her best friend, Tom (carrying his trusty toy airplane), as they hide outside a hick convenience store. They both go inside and Tom pulls a meerkat and stands guard as cute little Katie tries to steal a New Kids On The Block lunchbox…as if I didn’t like Kate enough already. She stuffs it in her backpack and she and Tom calmly walk out the front door. Alas, the old dude behind the counter busts them and tells Kate that he is going to call her mother and the cops. As Kate awaits her fate, who rolls up behind but our new friend Jacob. He pays for her lunchbox and the counter guy is cool with it. Jacob then tells Kate to not steal again, which she agrees to, then Jacob leaves…but not before giving Kate a little tap on the nose.

So that’s it? That is all Jacob did with Kate? Yep, that’s it…oh come on, it’s “Lost”. Every single moment has a purpose right? Why did Jacob want to help Kate out? He didn’t exactly prevent her from doing some even worse things. So what’s the point? Let’s get to that in just one more minute or so.

Jacob decided to go see Sawyer in 1976, moments after Sawyer attended his parent’s funeral. Jacob approaches young James Ford as he is writing his now-famous revenge promise to the con man simply known as “Mr. Sawyer”. Of course, we all know that Mr. Sawyer is indeed Locke’s father, Anthony Cooper, and James Ford will come to strangle that man on the Island.

As James is writing his note, his pen runs out of ink. Jacob walks up and hands him a new pen, while just touching James hand as he does it. James’ uncle comes over and reads the note, then tells James to never finish the note because “what’s done is done” and revenge won’t help. Well, we all know how that story ends so those words of wisdom went unheard.

So…why Kate and Sawyer? Obviously, Jacob didn’t exactly do something that magically made them two perfect human beings…or did he? In my opinion, Jacob had chosen them to be on the Island. I’m fuzzy on why he did, but I think that by touching them, Jacob in effect marked them…perhaps as a “candidate”. The actions of Jacob (the lunchbox, the pen) aren’t as important as the touching. He chose them because the Island needs them, for the same reason as Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking, whom I also believe were chosen by Jacob. They are the Island’s “Adam and Eve“.

Now, when I say Adam and Eve, I don’t mean literally the first couple or anything like that because there obviously have been couples on the Island prior to them. However, Jacob and the Island both need to have some sort of chosen couple. Charles and Eloise were all set to have a child (Daniel) on the Island, but somehow, Eloise was booted off the Island. I think that Sawyer and Kate are a couple in a long line of couples chosen by Jacob to run the Island and repopulate it with people.

Jacob met the rest of the 815ers (Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sun & Jin, Locke) when there were adults. The meetings were shown out of order in “The Incident”, but I’m going to address them in chronolgical order…or as close as possible. Of course, there is always the chance that Jacob had gone to see our 815ers prior to these events, but because of the emphasis placed on Jacob touching each of them, I very much doubt that.

Jacob is just chilling out on a city bench, reading “Everything That Rises Must Converge”, when Locke’s body falls to the ground behind him. This would be a moment or two after Anthony Cooper pushed his son, John Locke, out of an apartment building to what, he presumed, would be his death. Jacob calmly walks over to Locke’s lifeless body and gently touches his shoulderwhich seemingly causes Locke to inhale deeply. Jacob says, “Everything will be alright…I’m sorry this happened to you.“, then walks off.

Does anyone doubt that Jacob brought Locke back to life? I’m fairly convinced that wasn’t the first time in Locke’s life he was visited by Jacob. Why else would Richard have been visited Locke while he was a child if he wasn’t told by Jacob to do so? Jacob knew that Locke was going to have problems on that fateful day and Jacob needed to make sure that Locke lived. It’s either that or Jacob simply wanted to say hi

The next two events aren’t as simple to know which happened first, but we’ll go with Jin and Sun’s wedding first. This one is a bit tougher to figure out. Jacob simply walks up to them, places his hands on Jin and Sun’s shoulders, and tells them in Korean that their love is special and they should never take each other for granted. Short and sweet.

So what’s up with that? Again, Jacob is marking them for the Island. Sure, he is giving them some advice that he hopes they will follow (they don’t), but his main goal is to mark them.

Next, Jacob decides to make sure that Jack gets a candy bar after almost crippling a patient. Back in the actual pilot episode, Jack told Kate a story about cutting a patient’s dural sac, which we actually get to see. Odd how minutes after crashing on the Island that moment came to Jack seeing how moments after the operation, Jack was visited by Jacob. Probably a coincidence right?

During the operation, Jack’s father, Christian, reprimanded him a bit to calm him down. Poor little Jackie didn’t like it much and he tells his dad that he knows that he has no faith in him. Christian gives a Jacob-ian response: “Are you sure it’s me that doesn’t have faith in you?” It’s just more “Lost” greatness.

Then, Jack goes to get an Apollo Bar (awesome) and it gets stuck in the machine. Jack storms off, but Jacob gets the bar out for him. As he hands the bar to Jack, he grazes his hand, and tells him “It just needed a little push.” Gee…those words won’t hold true for Jack for the rest of his life will they?

Next up, Jacob visits poor, tragic Sayid. We are again shown an event that at this point had only been spoken about, which is the death of Sayid’s wife Nadia. Sayid and Nadia are about to cross a street in Los Angeles when Jacob approaches Sayid and Nadia, still walking into the street, is hit by an oncoming, speeding vehicle. When the car hits Nadia, Jacob reaches out to Sayid and places his hand on Sayid’s shoulder, as if to console him. Sayid runs to Nadia, who dies in his arms.

In this case, Jacob barely spoke to Sayid. This is the main reason that I don’t think we need to necessarily pay too much attention to what Jacob said to everyone. Sure, he said some insightful things, but that wasn’t his main goal here.

Lastly, Jacob went to see Hurley after he was released from jail as the alleged killer of three people. As Hurley is getting a cab, Jacob walks up and asks if he would like to share a cab. They pile into the cab and Jacob places a guitar case between them. Once Jacob calls Hurley by his name, Hurley thinks that Jacob is another of the dead people that he keeps seeing. Jacob tells him that he isn’t dead. Jacob then just flat out asks him why he won’t go back to the Island. Out of all the 815ers, Hurley is the only one that Jacob really addresses directly. If you don’t think that is 100% intention, well, you’re, like, wrong and stuff.

Jacob tells Hurley that seeing his dead friends is a gift. He also tells Hurley that he isn’t crazy, which of course, he isn’t. He then lets us know why Hurley got on Ajira 316…why, Jacob let him on to it. Of course, he stressed that getting on the plane is still Hurley’s choice and for good measure, Jacob reached across the guitar case and touched Hurley’s shoulder to stress that point. Jacob tells Hurley the guitar case isn’t his and leaves Hurley with it.

So…what the hell’s in the case? Why did Jacob just flat out talk to Hurley about the Island? All along, many have felt that Hurley will have a very central role into the final events on “Lost”. What could that potentially be? Is Hurley going to be the next leader of the Others? I don’t think so. I think that title is going to belong to Dr. Jack Shephard. Now, if you asked me who the prime candidate to replace the now-dead Jacob as the true leader of the Island, I would answer you Hurley. In a show filled with characters constantly making bad decisions and choices, Hurley seems to have consistently made choices based on how they affect others first, instead of himself.

So, Jacob went to meet with all of the 815ers and now, you know what I think about those meetings. I really believe that the three visits with the most purpose were for Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley. Why? I have no idea. Remember that they, along with Jack, were on the list given to Michael to lure back to the Others. Did that long-forgotten list truly have a much larger purpose than we could have imagined?

The great news is that there is one season left and questions like these will be answered. Well…fingers crossed.

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