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More Hate For Michael Mann

Everybody Hates Mikey Mann.

Everybody Hates Mikey Mann.

As I prepare to check out “Public Enemies” this afternoon, this Kim Masters article once again reminds me that everyone is supposed to hate Michael Mann. The entire article sounds like a take-down piece designed to get you to hate Michael Mann and to never see his movies. Of course, after the box office performance of “Miami Vice”, “Collateral”, “Ali”, and “The Insider”, it obviously doesn’t take much for audiences to avoid Mann’s films. Naturally, I think that all of these movies are fantastic. Yes, I like the film version of “Miami Vice”. A lot.

So why the hate for Michael Mann? Surely, the general public doesn’t know about the fabled insanity of a Michael Mann set do they? No, they don’t. Mann has alienated Jamie Foxx (who cares), many of his film crews, and several big shot producers…which is were Mann’s true problems lie. See, producers can live with a movie costing $100 million and barely making that much, as long as the finished product is very good, which ensures it has a long DVD/BluRay shelf-life. When the movie fails financially, doesn’t sell DVDs, and the producer has to take a verbal beating from Michael Mann on a consistent basis…well, we can probably all agree that no producer will take that abuse and lose money. It’s a double whammy of disappointment.

So where does that leave Mann? A lot hinges on “Public Enemies”. I don’t think it’s going to make a ton of cash since it’s release is sandwiched between “Transformers”, “Ice Age”, and “Bruno”. If this movie doesn’t do well this weekend, it will undoubtedly tank and Mann will have another box office bust on his hands.

The most sickening thing about this is that Michael Bay is rumored to be as large or larger of a prick than Mann, yet Bay’s movies pull in schmucks in droves. This means producers will keep funding Bay’s garbage, even though he is a pain in the ass. He is essentially the directorial equivalent of Manny Ramirez…worth the trouble because he produces revenues. Mann is on a contract year and he needs to produce this time so he can get that big free agent deal…

…I have the Major League Baseball Extra Innings package, which leads to too much baseball on the brain. Look for the “Public Enemies” review soon.

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