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The Erin Andrews “Video”: The Sleaze Market Has Reached A New Low

America's Sideline Princess

America's Sideline Princess

After initially reading about the Erin Andrews so-called video on Deadspin (where else?), I knew it would only be a matter of time before the mainstream media picked up on the story. Of course, I didn’t think they would actually take stills from the video and start posting them in their stories. Yes, this is a news worthy story to report but do you have to willingly spread the filth around? There are several TV stations, newspapers, and websites that are quite guilty, but none more than the New York Post. Three screenshots from the video with black censored bars over her? Pretty weak stuff folks. How these media outlets think it’s okay to post stills of the criminally invasive video completely blows my mind.

I feel a bit hypocritical to bitch about the way this story is being handled, since I routinely call her The Sideline Princess and like when she is reporting on a game because, well, she’s nice to look at and she seems like a sweetie. Of course, I’m not checking the video out but still, my attitude towards her is what makes blogs (yeah, you Deadspin) post pictures of her and comment on her looks, rather than her skills.

When videos of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton get out there, it’s due to their own stupidity for making home-made porn in the first place. While crass, it’s seemingly okay to look at them with disgust or mockery. Prior to this video, fans had what seemed like school boy crushes on Erin Andrews, which seemed okay and safe because Andrews is exactly the opposite of those skanky, nookie girls like Lisa Guerrero, who took her gear off for Playboy.

Those women like Kardashian or Guerrero allowed themselves to become sex objects with their purposeful behavior. Erin Andrews became a sex object when it was never, ever, her intention. I’ll never be able to see her on television again and not somehow feel guilty for contributing to the way she is treated. Maybe, in the long run, this awful travesty will finally get Erin Andrews what she has wanted all along: to be taken seriously.

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