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Unemployment 101: Food Network

This is another installment of a series of posts that detail different ways for you to entertain yourself while you lay about at your home, wasting days away due to unemployment. This post will focus on the Food Network and the hours upon hours of joy this cable channel can bring. One warning…being unemployed and watching people cook badass food can be extremely bad for you. You are already laying around in your p.j.’s, do you need the added influence to eat?

  • Guy Fieri: Yes, everything that Guy makes on “Guy’s Big Bite” will kill you dead faster than the “Super Size Me” diet, but damn that big dago is entertaining. He’s got the best cooking show set (drum kit, pinball machine, hundreds of bottles of hard liquor) and his hair single handedly keeps Bed Head products in business. Of course, nothing comes close to the greatness of “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives”. If Guy’s personal cooking wasn’t enough, he will show you how other cooks all over the country are contributing to this nation’s diabetes problem. In all seriousness…I really do dig his shows. Guy Fieri is my cooking leader.
  • Barefoot Contessa: Her food looks delicious. However, her show is a complete and total beating. I’m sick of the little story she has to tell before every meal. You know, her husband’s CPA is having a special on tax returns this year so she prepared some osso bucco with a lovely wedding soup. It’s ridiculous. Just make the food lady and spare me the b.s. about “your cousin’s third son’s graduation from day care” stories.
  • “Iron Chef America”: If you tell me you have never watched this show at least once, I’ll call you a liar. It’s completely captivating. Alton Brown is damn funny, the food looks awesome, and the Chairman…is total awesomeness. Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes dramatic hand gestures on television better than him.
  • Giada de LaurentiisGiada de Laurentiis: You have to love her meals…really, her recipes are to die for…for sure, it’s her food…no doubt about it. I mean it. That’s why I like her show, there isn’t any other reason. None.
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