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The Zenith Of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

After much debate, I have decided that this season should definitely be the final one for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. After only three episodes, this much is clear: This is shaping up to be the greatest season in the show’s history. Last night’s show goes right into the “Krazy Eyez Killah” or “The Car Salesman” realm, it’s just that hilarious.

It’s so surreal to watch. It’s a fictional show starring a real guy playing a fictional version of himself. This fictional character co-created a hit series called “Seinfeld”, which happens to be identical to the history of the real guy. The real guy would never do an actual reunion of the hit show, unless it was a fake reunion starring his fake self and fake versions of the cast of the real show. Throw in the fact that the real guy was actually just divorced from his real wife and then the fake guy did the same with his fake wife…

Pardon me, I have to go wipe my brain off my face.

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