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“V” Is A Hit With Critics, Viewers, Trekkies, & Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists

Worst cast promo shot ever?It’s officially official: ABC could have another hit show on their hands. The early reviews of the “V” reboot were really great and now, the ratings for the pilot made it a hit with viewers. It reached 13.9 million viewers, which makes it the biggest debut show of the year so far.

I’m not going to go all out political over a show that features aliens hiding under real human skin, but there are definitely some big time political overtones. If you watched the show and didn’t see it, well, then you weren’t paying too much attention in the months leading up to November 2008. The Vs show up on Earth with a promise to heal the sick, share their technology, and promise that great things will come about now that they have arrived. Of course, we all know that is bogus after Pirate Steve tried to strangle Juliet.

While Juliet will be tough to forget, Elizabeth Mitchell is proving that she can definitely carry a show. I didn’t dislike the moments without her in the pilot, but I definitely enjoyed her character, Erica Evans, way more than any others. Ugh, especially her son Tyler (Logan Huffman). I can already tell that kid totally sucks, mostly due to his emo hair cut.

The other actors seem to be smartly cast. Scott Wolf did well as the pretty boy journalist that sells out in order to score the big interview with creepy V leader Anna (Morena Baccarin, on permagrin so far). It was fun and oddly uncomfortable to see Alan Tudyk (aforementioned Pirate Steve) to play a bad guy since he always plays such nice guys. I had also thought Morris Chestnut had fallen off the planet. Of all characters, his probably is the most intriguing.

So for several reasons, I’m in. Right now, there are only three more episodes scheduled to air, with ABC waiting on the ratings before green lighting anymore into production. Here’s hoping last night’s showing made that decision easier for them.

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