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Somebody Please Drug Test Ridley Scott A.S.A.P.

My Twitter said last week that the announced Jamie Foxx-Martin Lawrence movie would be the worst movie ever. I may tap the brakes on that claim.

Ridley Scott is going to direct a movie based on Monopoly. Yes, f’ing Monopoly. Know what’s good about this? Nothing. Does the idea of this movie immediately sound awful to you? It should. After reading the synopsis of the movie from the writer, there is no doubt that this is one of the worst premises for a movie I have ever heard.

“I created a comedic, lovable loser who lives in Manhattan and works at a real estate company and he’s not very good at his job but he’s great at playing Monopoly. And the world record for playing is 70 straight days – over 1,600 hours – and he wanted to try to convince his friends to help him break that world record. They think he is crazy. They kid him about this girl and they’re playing the game and there’s this big fight. And he’s holding a Chance card and after they’ve left he says, ‘Damn, I wanted to use that Chance card,’ and he throws it down. He falls asleep and then he wakes up in the morning and he’s holding the Chance card, and he thinks, ‘That’s odd.’”

You’re damn right it’s odd. It’s downright insane.

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  1. November 13, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    i want to see Boggle: The Movie

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