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Forget “Thor”, Let’s Get Moving With This Captain America Movie

Yet another person has been added to the cast of the Kenneth Branagh-directed “Thor” flick. Pseudo-hot Kat Dennings has joined the cast as the best friend of Natalie Portman’s character. Why pseudo-hot? After a Google Image search for Dennings, I’ve discovered that she is very pale and always wears black. These are all Goth Kid Symptoms, which takes away from her overall hotability.

Forget about that noise, what is the freaking deal with the Captain America movie? Is Marvel going to stop screwing around and get on this one? Sure, Obama is President and all but that doesn’t count as the Captain America movie. They need to cast that puppy and get rolling. Of course, Mrs. Cinematically Correct decided that Aaron Eckhart needs to be the Cap’n and I wholeheartedly agree…mostly because she makes dinner for me and you don’t want to piss that person off fellas.

This is all Aaron Eckhart should use when pursuing roles. Need proof that Eckhart is the real deal? Here you go. This should just be his audition for the part. No reading, no rehearsal, nothing. Just this f’ing picture. He should roll in to Marvel Studios, smack this bad boy down, cockily say “Owned“, and then walk out. He could even throw a stop sign hand in a producer/casting agents face as he turned to leave.

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