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Indie Pop Songs: What Really Matters On Thanksgiving

First of all, I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving holiday. There is a good chance that it started better than mine as some jackass hoodlum busted my driver’s side window and stole my stereo from my car. It looks like I’ll be getting a new car stereo receiver on Black Friday.

Since there really aren’t any albums coming out of real substance for the rest of the year, it’s time to kick up the jams with my Favorite/Best Songs Of 2009 list. As always, this list is for amusement only so please, no wagering.

20. “The Ballad Of The RAA”, The Rural Alberta Advantage
19. “Cheerleader”, Grizzly Bear
18. “Pieces”, Dinosaur Jr.
17. “Convinced Of The Hex”, The Flaming Lips
16. “Lasso”, Phoenix
15. “Wilco (The Song)”, Wilco
14. “Young Adult Friction”, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
13. “Never Had Nobody Like You”, M. Ward
12. “Hang You From The Heavens”, The Dead Weather
11. “Silver Trembling Hands”, The Flaming Lips
10. “This Tornado Loves You”, Neko Case
9. “Summertime Clothes”, Animal Collective
8. “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris”, Morrissey
7. “Everyday”, Vetiver
6. “Sweet Disposition”, The Temper Trap
5. “Say Please”, Monsters Of Folk
4. “Lisztomania”, Phoenix
3. “Island, IS”, Volcano Choir
2. “Wind Phoenix (Proper Name)”, Cymbals Eat Guitars
1. “Two Weeks”, Grizzly Bear

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