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One Of The 3.8 Million Movie Sites Says It Knows The Next Spider Man Villains

Why not L.D. as The Vulture?

A movie website that I have never heard of is reporting that the Sony folks have targeted John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway to be the villains in the fourth “Spider Man” flick. Personally, I feel the real villains are Kirsten Dunst’s teeth and dirty hair, followed closely by Tobey Maguire’s performance from the third film. Seriously people, how freaking bad was that movie? I was personally embarrassed while watching it.

The word is that Malkovich will be The Vulture and Hathaway will play some bulls*** made up villain that never appeared in the comics. That’s a great idea. Why use one of the several hundred epic villains that are available to you from the comic books? That would just be stupid.

As much as I love Malkovich, I gotta say that I’m still onboard with my Life Coach Larry David as The Vulture. Look at that brilliant son of a bitch there. He is screaming to be The Vulture. They wouldn’t need any makeup for God’s Sake. That alone would save them tons of cash that they can then invest in sparing us to death with¬†another queer dance number for Tobey Maguire.

Not to totally geek out on everyone but there is a villain I would like to actually see. I want Kraven. More specifically, I want them to use the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline from the comics. Considering it involves things like suicide and Spider Man being buried alive, I’m sure that it is way too dark for the candy coated Sam Raimi version of Spider Man. Nevertheless, it would be kickass.

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