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Happy Birthday Nic Cage, You Crazy Bastard

I cannot go to Nic Cage as Everyone while at work; I laugh too hard & loud.

It’s almost as if the stars are aligned up perfectly for me to truly celebrate Nic Cage’s 46th birthday, just one day after discovering the greatness that is Nic Cage as Everyone. It is officially the greatest website of all time that you will look at today.

Is there any doubt that, when focused, Nic Cage is a badass actor? The guy does wheels off just about as good as anyone and I think his role in “Raising Arizona” is complete brilliance. Actually, how the hell was “Raising Arizona” not on my All Time Top 100? Insanity on my part.

Cockiest no-talent ever?

Also celebrating a birthday today is all-around ass-clown David Caruso. The face he’s making here is pretty much his acting style. His permasquint seems as if he is constantly smelling bad gas or something like that.

The thing that I remember most about David Caruso is a joke from “The 40-Year Old Virgin” at his expense. Seth Rogen’s character, in an attempt to get Steve Carell to act cool, says to him to be just like “David Caruso in ‘Jade’“. I recall being the only person laughing at that joke…since nobody really knows who the hell Caruso is.

  1. mcarteratthemovies
    January 8, 2010 at 1:18 PM

    Sometimes, in the creation of the Top 100 Films list, some movies become collateral damage. I think that’s what happened with “Raising Arizona” in your case. I know that every time I review another one of my top picks, I think of another movie I left out and weigh whether or not I should oust something in the list. Then that makes my brain hurt, so I stop thinking about it.

    About David Caruso: I don’t care what anybody says. That’s one charming bastard. I live for minute he takes off those shades and “Don’t Get Fooled Again” starts up. Heaven.

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