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NBC Could Learn A Lot From The Green Bay Packers

Can you see any lifeboats yet?

There are really only about four to five hours of programming on NBC worth watching on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, about three and a half hours of that chunk is Sunday Night Football and even then, depending on the game, it’s a crap shoot.

Sadly, the rest of the stuff on the peacock channel is just actual crap. There’s nothing wrong with “The Office” and I’ll give you “30 Rock”, even though I find it severely overrated. Even “Saturday Night Live” completely stinks. I tried watching it this past weekend and it’s just brutal. There is literally nothing funny about it. Sure, there are some chuckles every now and then, but it’s mostly embarrassing.

Now comes perhaps the biggest pooch-screwing manuever in television history. NBC announced they are canceling Jay Leno’s pathetic show due to “pressure from affiliates”. Translation? The show’s content and ratings sucked. The cancellation is a fine idea but, like just about everything else NBC has done, they can’t even cancel a show correctly.

Here’s the deal: NBC wants to give Jay a 30-minute show at 11:35 EST. This would move Conan O’Brien and “The Tonight Show” to 12:05 EST, ensuring that his ratings will completely tank. Then, they move Jimmy Fallon to 1:05 EST and Carson Daly will be on so late that even coked up truck drivers won’t see it.

How pissed off is Conan O’Brien? Well, just a simple search on Google News will tell you that rumors are swirling that he’s going to bail on NBC. If I am Conan, I am beyond pissed. So you moved me and my family from New York to Los Angeles and gave me five freaking months at 11:35? If I’m Conan, I get the hell off that sinking ship as soon as possible.

I’m sure that NBC’s thinking here is that they don’t want to lose Leno or Conan to another network, to then watch them fire cannonballs at them from afar, i.e. David Letterman. The problem is that they have what they consider to be two stars that play the same position, which as any sports fan will tell you, is a recipe for disaster. Just ask the Green Bay Packers about trying to hold on too long.

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