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Mark McGuire! Up! Hugh Jackman’s Sideburns! More Quick Hits!

There are several items that I’d like to sound off on, but none of them really need a full post.

  • Good move #1: I finally watched “Up”. I’m sure it looked and sounded amazing in the theater but wow, does that movie pop on Bluray. I have to admit…I was choked up nearly throughout the entire movie. My only problem with it? Dogs flying prop planes.
  • Bad move #1: I put “Wolverine” on my Netflix list. Bad move #2: Watching “Wolverine”. Man, is it awful. It sets Hugh Jackman back quite a ways in my book. That’s a role he was born to play and he seems to be completely bored with the part. I mean, even his normally badass sideburns looked bored…that’s how crappy this movie is.
  • Breaking news, Captain Acne Face, a.k.a. Mark McGuire, has admitted to using HGH and steroids. Also in the news, the Sun is hot.
  • I picked up an iPhone in early December. After jailbreaking it, unlocking it, and getting it all set up with T-Mobile, I have to tell you that it is the greatest adult toy of all times. If you have one, I’m sure you already realize this. It has stepped up my use of Facebook and Twitter to a mind-numbing high. There are nights that I force myself to not sit on Twitter and post non-stop. Of course, you can follow my Tweets right here.
  • Speaking of Facebook, I am wearing my mouse out playing Bejeweled. My high score right now is 79,300. I’m playing it so much that I’m a) afraid of getting carpal tunnel and b) getting caught playing while at work.
  1. January 12, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    even his sideburns look bored…

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