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Who Walks More, Denzel In “Eli” Or Viggo in “The Road”?

There has been some theater depravity in recent weeks for Cinematically Correct. It’s a combination of crappy weather keeping me in the house and an overwhemling feeling that I will simply never see all the movies that I want to see. It’s very stressful being an obsessed movie lover.

There are just a ton of movies that I would like to see, with a handful more opening today. My obsession with all things Denzel Washington wants me to see “The Book Of Eli”, but it’s fairly mediocre 50% Cream of the Crop Rotten Tomatoes score has me a bit hesitant. Besides, do I need to see two post-apocalyptic movies featuring lots of walking within one month’s time?

Surprisingly, my desire to see Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” has officially ended. Not only does it star my own personal Kryptonite in Mark Wahlberg, it’s at a pathetically low 27% score. I get the feeling that Peter Jackson is a one-hit wonder…albeit a bazillion dollar one. I mean…did people really like his “Kong” remake? Ugh.

So, what to see? I could check out George Michael Bluth…errr, Michael Cera in “Youth In Revolt”. I think that may have to wait until Netflix. I haven’t seen the blue people tell me how bad American capitalism is in “Avatar”. Sorry, unless it says Pixar at the beginning, I am just not interested in going to see a cartoon at the movies. “Sherlock Holmes”? Umm, no homoerotic detective stories for me, thank you very much.

That leaves three movies: “Brothers”, “The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus”, and “Crazy Heart”. My love of old school country music and, well, musicians in general is going to give “Crazy Heart” the win.

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