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My Golden Globe Knee-Jerk Reactions

Since I am Anti-NBC right now due to their Conan Screw Job, I did not watch a second of the Golden Globes last night. I’ve looked over the winners and, thanks to Gawker, I’m giving some of the acceptance speeches a listen. Here are my emotional and no-doubt illogical reactions.

  • While I completely think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was screwed out of the Best Actor-Comedy/Musical, Robert Downey Jr.’s acceptance speech almost makes it okay.
  • Oh. Dear. God. Meryl Streep’s speech made me vomit in my mouth. Is everyone sick and tired of her over-the-top humility yet? She always acts so surprised to have won. Lady, you were one of five finalists…there is a good freaking chance you could win. Now if you weren’t one of the nominees and you won, then being surprised would be normal.
  • Wow. Ricky Gervais is now the poster boy for Scorched Earth. Has anyone told a better privates joke on national television?
  • It’s good to see that the Huffington Post has some real in-depth coverage of the awards. Here is a slideshow of the best cleavage of the night. There is more of Mariah Carey out than in.
  • I really, really love “The Hangover”. It’s hilarious. However, there isn’t one good reason why it wins Best Comedy over “(500) Days Of Summer”.
  • What the hell is wrong with Julia Roberts? Yes, we know that you have kids, just read the winner and get the hell off the stage. Do you think she’s one of those people that goes on and on about her kids incessantly?
  • Will Helen Mirren ever not be hot? Seriously? She’s so damn classy looking.
  • “Lost” wins nothing, “The Office” wins nothing…I really don’t care about any of the TV winners. Should they just call the Best Actor-Comedy the “Alec Baldwin Award” from now on?
  • Last year, Mickey Rourke won the Best Actor-Drama award…and was then ripped off by the Academy. This had better not happen to Jeff Bridges or else…umm…I will write an angry post about it.
  1. jenchic
    January 18, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    That’s why Robert Downey is awesome.

  2. Dan
    January 19, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    An otherwise boring and overlong Globes was made palatable by Ricky Gervais. He should have been on-stage more often. His ironic, edgy humour was spot-on for the most part, even though it was lost of his audience (and target for most of his gags).

    Best moment of the night was his introduction to Mel Gibson. To Gibson’s credit, he took it in his stride. That can’t be said for many of the Hollywood elite who were far happier when James Cameron went on stage and told them all to pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves on how great they all are. “This is the greatest job in the world,” he said. Good for you, Mr Cameron!

    Did someone say I was bitter?

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