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Quick Hits! Unnecessary Sequels, Whining Jay Leno, & NPH On “Glee”

It feels good to ramp up the DVR usage over the past few days. Ever since all of my shows went away on holiday, I feel like it was neglected. Since I only got around to watching the first hour of “24” last night, I’ll cuddle up with the DVR tonight and get around to hour #2.

  • It looks like Jay Leno tried to put a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound last night during his opening monologue. Actually, if what Jay says is true, you have to feel badly for him and Conan. Of course, I am still on Team Coco.
  • It looks like Kenickie, err…Jeff Conaway,  just can’t get a leg up on the world. He gets booted for drug use from the awful “Celebrity Fit Club”, which should use the word “celebrity” loosely. Now, he busts his ass down some steps in his house. The story also mentions that he is dating some chick named Vikki Lizzi, who is closely related to either Nikki Sixx, Thin Lizzy, or Lizzie McGuire.
  • In a move that should signal several people to say “duh”, Neil Patrick Harris is set to appear on the Joss Whedon-directed episode of “Glee”. Of course, CBS has to give the okay for NPH to show up on Fox, but I don’t see why they would stop it. I don’t watch “Glee”, “How I Met Your Mother”, and I didn’t watch “Doogie Houser”…so how I can call myself an NPH Fan is beyond me.
  • Remember the sequel to “The Blair Witch Project”? I do…and the memory alone pains me. It is easily one of the dumbest sequel ideas of all time, which stands to be challenged by the plans of making a “Paranormal Activity” sequel. Horror sequels suck in general and I don’t think this will be any different, especially since it will be directed by some sick bastard that directed one of those “Saw” movies.
  • The Killers are going on hiatus. I’ve checked the career timeline of Duran Duran and, yes, this is right on schedule. Though, there is no word if the band got the required approval from Robert Smith of The Cure. I imagine that geese everywhere are thrilled about the news.
  1. January 22, 2010 at 3:44 AM

    Glad Conan got like a Zillion dollars, when the ratings fall again when Jay’s back, what will NBC do again?

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