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Quick Hits!! MMA Talks Health Care, More Unnecessary Apple Products, & People Really Do Love Vampires


Before I get started on a few quick hits, take a look at this poster for the Kevin Smith-directed “Cop Out”. Okay, the title is slightly funny, only because the studio forced them to change the movie’s title which was formerly “A Couple Of Dicks“. Cute. However, the intial trailer is so amazingly brutal that there cannot be a possibility of this movie being remotely amusing. Thrown in this ridiculous poster and you have a guaranteed stinker on your hands. Sigh. Remember when Kevin Smith was thought to be the next great comedic director?

  • So when is Ryan Reynolds going to be a big star? I guess “The Proposal” made a ton of cash, but that’s due to the strange mainstream public attraction to the mostly awful Sandra Bullock. I doubt people ran off to see that movie due to Reynolds. If they see “Buried”, he will definitely be the only reason as he is the only person in it. Here’s the first trailer.
  • It seems like former professional wrestler/NFL hopeful/current MMA fighter/all-around scary dude Brock Lesnar isn’t a fan of total healthcare reform. After going to a Canadian hospital and realizing they weren’t going to be able to help him, he and his former-Playboy model wife high-tailed it from Canada to North Dakota, which is the bastion of United States healthcare.
  • Dave keeps bashing Leno, Leno bashes Daveenough already. This whole thing is getting pretty stale…but yet I proliferate it by posting it. Odd.

I'm sure in six months I'll think I must own this.

  • So here’s the latest & greatest invention from Apple. Maybe. I don’t really know if this is exactly what their new iTablet will look like since nobody really does, other than mad genius Steve Jobs. They are debuting the thing next week and, according to the Wall Street Journal, it’s going to melt our faces off. Just like AppleTV…or not.
  • Everyone loves vampires these days. From “True Blood” to “Twilight” to Nancy Pelosi, there is a serious vampire craze. It extended to the Billboard charts as indie pop band Vampire Weekend debuted at the number one spot with their second album “Contra”. Of course, the band has nothing to do with either vampires or the weekend.
  • Finally…here’s the PG-trailer for “MacGruber”. Equally as funny as the R-Rated one.
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