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Quick Hits! “Star Trek” Non-News, A New Prince Of Darkness, & Idi Amin Takes On CBS

It’s occurred to me that a) this whole quick hit nonsense I’ve been doing is a way to post things without any real writing commitment b) it’s just ripping the idea off of several blogs and/or c) my comical observations aren’t comical. Regardless…

  • Has an actor or actress been handed major movie megastardom more than Sam Worthington? He was cast in “Avatar” many years ago and since then, he is rumored to be in everything. This time around, he’s rumored to be cast as Dracula in director Alex Proyas’ “Dracula: Year One”. Thank goodness there’s going to be some more vampire stuff for everyone, it’s been a real creative drought for those fictional bloodsuckers. Please note the sarcasm…which is also completely unoriginal in itself.
  • Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci recently told a bunch of Trekkies that they are going to focus on the villain a bit more in the next “Star Trek” flick. By villain, the Trekkies assume they mean every single female that they asked out and turned them down in their entire lives. Of course, that’s all of them. See what I did there? I mocked Trekkies lack of success with the opposite sex…originality folks, that’s where it’s at.
  • It sure sounds like the movies at Sundance are a depressing, violent lot of films about some deranged characters or as I like to call it: My Wheelhouse.
  • Forest Whitaker what the hell man? You won an Oscar and you are not only going to star in a CBS show but a f***ing spin-off of “Criminal Minds”? Look, you were badass on “The Shield” but how can you agree to this nonsense? It better be straight cash homie.
  • Here’s an Academy Award prediction that includes “The Hangover” in its Best Picture race. Of course, it’s from a Fox News outlet so I’m sure that means it’s filled with right-wing lies and propaganda. Fascists.
  • Finally…Josh Brolin can’t believe two things in this shot: he’s in a movie with petiole oiled, greaseball, no-talent Shia LeBouf and that Michael Douglas gets to have sex (or what he calls sex) with Catherine Zeta Jones.

    "No kid, he's not a talking robot that turns into a Camaro."

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