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Quick Hits! Gordon Gekko Rules, TBS Is Insane, & ABC Is Not

After sitting through the overlong, overapplauded, brutal, boring beating of the State of the Union address, it’s tough to really get going this morning. Even the most steadfast Obama person has to be groggy after that 70-minute scolding.

  • You know who is to blame for all the economic problems in this country? Gordon Gekko and his shady deal involving Blue Star, that’s who. Luckily, he’s been imprisoned for quite sometime but according to this trailer for “Wall Street 2”, he’s getting out. Hey, at least we’ll all make bank like we did in the 80s right?
  • It looks like the economic downtown that Barry talked about last night has hit ABC hard. It’s been so tough that they finally wised up and s***canned the unbearable “Ugly Betty”. I’ll be honest…didn’t know it was still on the air.
  • Here is something that every Democrat and Republican can agree is terrible for our country: TBS has picked up an animated version of David Spade’s Joe Dirt character. If Obama really cared, he would save us from this terrible crisis.
  • Do you think that the President wishes he could back in time and change some of the events during the past year? Wouldn’t it be cool if there really was a hot tub that turned into a time machine? For now, we’ll just have to settle for this brilliant poster for “Hot Tub Time Machine”.
  • YOU LIE!! No, no…really, that kid from “About A Boy” is going to be in the new Mad Max movie. This sequel, titled “Fury Road”, stars Tom Hardy as Max and Charlize Theron as Tina Turner. I could be wrong about that last detail.
  • The massive right wing bastion Fox has given the greenlight to Ron Howard’s comedy about an IRS office. Here’s hoping the show is as good as his last one, “Arrested Development”, which was cancelled way too soon. Wait…word just in…Fox has cancelled the Ron Howard IRS office comedy.
  • Yeah, I gave up on the political stuff in that last item. In fact, I’ve given up entirely. Here’s an article about “Lost”. Now go get your shinebox.
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