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Friday Quick Hits! Rogen Gets Serious, Louis CK Gets Hilarious/Vulgar, & The Muppets Take New Zealand

I finally checked out the Sam Rockwell-starring flick “Moon” last night and I have discovered a few things. First, Rockwell is greatness. If you ever needed proof that he can carry a movie, “Moon” is most definitely it. Second, after the movie ended, I looked up the director, Duncan Jones, on IMDB and discovered he is David Bowie’s son! This immediately made me sing the Flight Of The Conchords “Bowie”. Third, I am pretty much sold on the fact that I have to see everything Sam Rockwell does.

Oh yeah, the movie was pretty kickass too.

  • If you pay to see “When In Rome” this weekend, you should be banished from movie going for the rest of your natural life. No link or anything here, just a message/opinion/threat.
  • It’s going to be a busy weekend for me, but I’m still holding out hope that I get out to see “Edge of Darkness”. Yeah, I know Mel Gibson’s a whacko but so are 80% of the actors working today. They are all crazy. Now, what could keep me from seeing it is its mediocre 56% Rotten Tomatoes score.
  • It seems almost like a match made in pop culture/movie geek heaven: James Bobin, director/co-creator of “Flight Of The Conchords”, is in line to direct the upcoming Muppet movie. Thrown in the fact that Jason Segel is writing and starring in it and you’ve got a volatile mix of nerdom.
  • You know, I have never seen Sarah Polley’s directorial debut “Away From Her”. I really wanted to see it, but just never got around to it. Is it sad that because Seth Rogen is going to star in her follow-up “Take This Waltz”, it’s a virtual certainty that I’ll see it?
  • Russell Crowe, Simon Beaufoy (writer of “Slumdog Millionaire”), and Maria Bello are hooking up for an HBO show called “Emergency Sex”. The title may sound racy, but it’s definitely not. It’s about a UN peacekeeping mission during the 1990s…in Cambodia. Sounds hot. Crowe and Beaufoy are producing, while Bello will star and just be smoking hot overall in it.
  • Finally…Louis CK tells the Most Offensive Joke In The World.
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