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Quick Hits! Carrie Underwood In A Wet Suit, SXSW Gets MacGruber’ed, & Tiger Gets Back To Worrying About Golf Balls

It’s been quite a long day. I can’t stress the difficulty of finishing up a “Lost” piece, playing Bejeweled on Facebook, watching my IRA tank, avoiding job responsibilities, all doing so without alerting those that can bring the hammer down on me. It’s tough, tough work being a slacker.

  • Tiger is cured! Hallelujah! It’s good that he’s going to leave sex rehab and instead of, you know, taking some time to be with his kids and trying to reconcile with his smoking hot wife, he’s going to try to squeeze in the Accenture Match Play Championship. Why is Tiger so hot to get in this event? From what I’ve read, one on one matches aren’t really his speed anyway. Pow.
  • Apparently, Brittany Murphy died due to a combo of pneumonia and prescription drugs. One would think that mix would be dangerous for a lot of people, much less someone who reportedly had some serious health concerns. Poor Brittany.
  • Sigh. Columbia Pictures is moving forward with another production of a Dan Brown-Robert Langdon novel. At this point, they are just duping the idiotic general public. These movies suck, the books suck, Dan Brown sucks, Ron Howard sucks for directing them, Tom Hanks sucks for starring in them…but mostly, it sucks because they are all sleeping on huge piles of cash because of it.
  • Carrie Underwood is going to be in a movie. No thanks, I’ll pass. Wait…what’s this…a surfing movie…so she could be in some sort of wet suit or surfer chick gear? I’m in.
  • Roger Friedman writes this post like nobody has ever heard or seen Jeremy Renner until “The Hurt Locker”. Dude, nobody saw “The Hurt Locker”. It barely made any cash. If anything, I bet people remember him from “28 Weeks Later”. He was really good in “The Assassination Of Jesse James”. That’s it. If anyone else can win Best Actor other than Jeff Bridges, it better be Renner.
  • Finally…”Cyrus”, “Get Low”, The White Stripes documentary, “MacGruber”…I gotta get down to the SXSW Film Fest.
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